Saturday, February 14, 2009

September Lyme Posts

I wrote this a while ago. It was never completed, but it posted today anyways. Oh well. Here it not in it's entirety.

The First Post: What my blog is about!

Next I wrote several blogs on Tick Borne Illnesses. Here they are:

Tick Borne Part 1
Tick Borne Part 2
Tick Borne Part 3

I also wrote some on my diagnoses and therapy.

My diagnosis
My therapy
A day in the life of my treatment

I talked about my PICC Line in September 2008.

PICC Part 1
PICC Part 2
"Anniversary with PICC"
Problems with the PICC
PICC line story at the hospital
More on my PICC

I also had some "itching" and "rashes" in September of 2008

Why am I itching?

I saw my blood under a really cool microscope.
Bradford Microscope

I talked about my emotional roller coaster
Mood Swings

And also saw the amazing documentary:
Under Our Skin
A review of Under Our Skin

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