Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shocked Patient

Yesterday I went in for the MSA test. I took in 10 POUNDS worth of supplements to test. The goal was to see which ones I needed to eliminate in my daily regiment and which ones I needed to restart. Also which ones that I am not on that I need to start.

So I took in a bag that literally weighed ten pounds. It had over 20 supplement bottles. They tested each of these and also tested about 20 others once we were there. So in all, I could have been taking upwards of 40 different supplements (most needing to be taken 3 times a day). So at the very most it would have been like 120 things a day (*gasp*), but likely to be less than that.

So first she tested each point to see how my overall body was doing. When I first started most everything was on the high range of the yellow (there are three colors .. Green (good), Yellow (not so good) and Red (really bad)) and some were in the red. Well I had the pleasure of having most things being in the low to medium range of yellow and even had one thing in the Green. That was my first shock. I was pleased with this. Even though they are in the yellow still, they are improving.

Then they tested each supplement to see if it "grooved" with my body or rather whether I needed it. Of my over 20 bottles, only 9 are needed for me to take. They tested 20 others that I didn't have and I only need 2 of them. I left the office flabbergasted about this. ONLY 11 things. The two that I have to take are on order so I will have to wait a while until they come in. So that means until they arrive .. only 9 have to be taken.

The other really cool thing is that I've been given a "No Tests, No IV's, No Appointment Order" until MAY! Of course this is all depending on whether I maintain the level of health I have now or improve. If I start to get sick again, I've been ordered to come in immediately.

I am cautiously optimistic. I want to cheer and yet I am cautious. I remember this was the time last year when I thought I was going into the "Transitional" phase of treatment. I thought I was getting well. I had been given a reprieve of things was down to like 8 days of Antibiotics a month and then I started backsliding big time. So while I really want to be thrilled and excited, I am a bit nervous as well.

Since before Thanksgiving, I've been operating at 90 percent with only a few days dipping down into the 60's. Look out for a picture soon. One photo will be all the supplements I took in for testing. The second photo will be the supplements I have to take the next few months. The difference is amazing.

Today I went in for one last blood test. THE blood test. The Western Blot to see if my bands would light up like a lightbulb. I am praying for this actually. I want a CDC positive. I want to be able to frame that sucker up with my picc line and shove it (oh that's not nice of me, but come on after 12 years of misdiagnosis and 2 years of treatment for Lyme ~ for a total of 14 years of unhealth) into the faces of the doctors that told me that it was all in my head.

I doubt it will come back positive, but what the hey it's worth a try right?


melody said...

this is so awesome that you're down to so few supplements! it's encouraging to me to see your progress :)

Jennifer said...

That's why I'm doing this blog Melody. To show others that there IS life after Lyme.

I'm having progress and it's amazing.

PJ said...

No appointments, no tests until May - wow! I hope this one "sticks" :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah me too. I'm cautiously optimistic.