Saturday, October 27, 2012


I dislike Flagyl immensely.   It causes me to hurt, all over.  In places I didn't realize could hurt.

The medicine itself makes my mouth burn.  It makes my cheeks raw and gums sore.  It also causes pain in the usual places (big and little joints).  I only need to take it on Friday & Saturday on the 2nd week of antibiotics.  Yesterday & Today were my Flagyl Days.  Thanks to the IV Vitamin C, I slept from 6:30pm last night (YES -- 6:30!) until 7:15AM this morning.  I only woke once and that was about 15 minutes after I fell asleep when my husband walked into the bedroom to see if I was okay.  Then I fell back to sleep and I woke up feeling surprisingly well. I actually only thought I had slept for 45 minutes until I realized that it was the next morning.  I got some things accomplished around the house before taking my morning dose of Flagyl. 

After going to a few stores (including hardware store and a grocery store), we came home.  I had planned to go to a neighbor's pumpkin carving party, but I began to hurt.  So I took a nap and an hour and 1/2 later I woke up in severe pain.  All over, from head to toe.  I don't like to take pain medicine, but I think that I"ll take a small dose of something to take the edge off.  I have to look to see if my homeopathic drops are allowed (because if they have even the smallest amount of alcohol in them, I can't take them for another 48 hours - can't take anything with alcohol near Flagyl).  I'm hoping that when I wake tomorrow I will feel better.

I'll be focusing on detoxing this week - on my week without antibiotics. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sad IV and Blood draw day.

I arrived early. I always do.  This was after drinking a ton of water for the last 3 days and after drinking a ton of water this morning.  I even did the newly "suggested" 1/2 gatorade and 1/2 water method last night.  I came in and sat down and got warm under the heating pad.  I continued to drink until my eye balls were floating.  Then - "A" mentioned to "S" to get me started. I've never met "S" - and "A" knows of my terrible vein history.   I think "A" was terrified to even try.  I explain to "S" that if she KNEW how tough I was she would have said no.

Long story short, "S" blew two of my veins.  I tried to explain as best as I could how shallow my veins are and that they collapse easily if they aren't hit at exactly the right angle which is different than other people's angles - we were positive. BUT, she punctured right through them.  I shook my head and a tear fell down my cheek, but not out of pain. I was simply crying because the more veins she blew through - the harder it will be to get next time.   She looked some more and sent me back to my seat to warm up again and drink more water.  She was shocked when she saw how many empty bottles of water I had. She left the room and a short while later "J" came in. 

J has tried me twice before. Once was a miss and once was a hit.  She studied my arms and then gave me two options.  I chose one of them - she stuck - and I held my breath - it went in.  It took over 15 minutes to fill 3 tiny vials.  Then she hooked up the IV. I had to watch the drip rate the entire time because my IV was very positional.  If I moved my arm at all, the drip rate would slow.

So glad today is over.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Community Helper Day

Today was Community Helper Day at work - So I dressed up like the community helper I see the most - a nurse.

It was so realistic by the way that when I went to vote this afternoon - I got thanked for being a nurse. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling for Fall Decor

Today I played around with my camera - and with my photographs.  I toyed with editing pictures on the camera after taking the picture.  I also toyed with editing the picture with Google+.  I always enjoy learning something new, particularly when I can figure it out on my own!

We went to Lowe's today and picked up two pumpkins and a large mum. I absolutely LOVE the simplistic look of Mums and Pumpkins. I took this photo with my Olympus E-620

and then edited it in the camera.  There's not much of a difference, but I bumped up the saturation a touch. 

However, the difference in the next two photos is much more noticeable.
The first one was taken straight out of camera (using the Pop Art Setting)

 But it was just too bright, so I notched down the saturation.  

Have I mentioned lately how much I love pumpkins and mums?    Have I mentioned how much I love to take pictures?  Well, here is the best of both worlds!

Straight out of camera with Pin Hole Setting. :) 

and my first attempt at editing with google +

Tired after fun day

I went all the way to Hickory NC (3 hour and 20 minute drive for me one way) to see my friends and got a bonus surprise.  Got to see another college buddy that I haven't seen in 13 years come December.

I took a lot of  pictures of course - but my friend's camera card died - and none of the pictures of me are available to share (because she took pictures of me on my camera and I took photos of them on my camera). 

However, here is one at the park we went to after eating. I feel like the leaves were much brighter last year. 

If you guys haven't figured it out yet, I love photography.  Yesterday I took 117 and only 3 were too blurry.   And I also figured out this morning how to change a photograph in the camera from color to black & white.  I played around with photographs that didn't matter (IE the laundry room wall with the brooms & such) and got the hang of it so that I think when I want to actually alter them on the spot that I'll be able to. 

Made it the first 3 days of antibiotics.  It was tough.  Plaquenil was especially tough.  At the end of the week I go to get my blood work done.  They'll test for the MTHFR gene and other stuff.  I'll also be picking up another "killer" supplement.

In other news:  Our garage is clean enough to park one vehicle in it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Year ago Today

My cell rings and I recognize the number.  I smile because it's my best friend from college.  I remember my plans for that Saturday very vividly. We had discussed them online several times.  I was going to be going to my LLMD's office to get a hyperbaric treatment and then I was going to eat something and then I was going to head out on a 3 hour drive to see him because I hadn't met his lady yet and they were engaged.  So I was really surprised when I saw his number pop up on the cell screen. I quickly answered the phone with the old style "Wassssssssssssup."  I figure it was last minute details about Saturday. 

Boy did I figure right on the money.  He asks me how quickly I can get to his area.  I hesitate trying to calculate how long my HBOT was going to last and how quickly I would be getting out of the chamber.  I tell him.  He asks if there is anyway I can be there earlier.  I ask why.  We had after all discussed my day at length.  Then he says,

"because we're getting married on Saturday"

I was thrown into a little bit of excitement and a little bit of shock.  I told him I would try my absolute best to be there by wedding time.  I immediately knew that I would cut my HBOT chamber session short by 30 minutes and pre-pay so that I could jump out of the chamber and leave as soon as the chamber was done (sometimes there is a line after getting out so it takes a while to pay).  I also knew I'd have to go dressed (or take my clothes for the wedding and change at my LLMD's office after the HBOT treatment).  Like I said, I was shocked - and excited.  I was going to get to meet my best friend from college - his future wife - like 2 minutes before the wedding (literally as it turned out). 

Today - I head back out to celebrate with them as they celebrate their anniversary.   That's exciting.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pharmaceuticals

I was given a new pharmaceutical this go around that I've never taken before.  I picked it up on Monday morning and could have taken it Monday evening, but I hesitated.  Then I hesitated again.  This morning I knew I had no choice - I couldn't hesitate anymore.

I pulled up my "big girl panties" and took it.  Plaquenil.  I need a new nickname for it.  "Instant Nausea."  Seriously - as soon as it hit my tongue - the nausea set in.  My gag reflex set in.  I barely got it down and my stomach is churning (a mere 5 minutes later) and I'm hoping it will stay down (otherwise up comes Omnicef, Zithromax, Mepron and Nystatin).  I took my "nausea be gone" drink (also known as Gatorade) and it's not touched it yet.  Usually if a medicine causes nausea, I can make it disappear with a couple of swigs of Gatorade.  Not this time, at least not yet.

And the problem is - if the nausea stays so long - I will wind up visiting the toilet because my body doesn't handle nausea well.  Or rather it handles it too well because  my body wants to expel whatever is in my stomach that is causing the nausea.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beat the Bite 5K and mile run in pictures

I had such a fun day yesterday - The organizers are such amazing people and their family and friends are even more amazing.  All I can do is smile when I think about yesterday and the impact it had on all of our lives.  It is one thing to say you care and to say you want to do something to make people Lyme aware, but it's another completely to show it.  I must have teared up ten or twelve times through the course of the day.  Watching other family members support their loved ones - then being completely overwhelmed by my own support system.

I arrived early at 11am.  I got there before the signs were up and I got extra lost, but I found my way to where they were in that huge park. I had a few goals and one of was to take plenty of photographs for the organizers (even when they were setting up) because I knew they wouldn't be focused on that.  There were probably three of us with SLR's - phottoging (Yeah I know that's not a real word) around.  I only got in a few shots. I'm so much of a behind the camera gal that it's hard for me to remember to be IN some of the photos.  So I'm a little disappointed that I didn't hand my camera over more often for others to take pictures of my friends and me together. I think I knew a little over 30 people that were there before the walk. 

A few people *really* surprised me.  The first surprise I had - I found out right before I was leaving for the walk.  My Bloggy Friend emailed me letting me know he was coming to the race with his wife. Many people wonder how I can be so positive about Lyme.  However, THIS moment is why I'm so positive.  Having Lyme truly changed my life.  It changed my outlook on life and it also changed me from being extremely introverted to being able to make strangers into friends in an instant.  (yes I just snapped my fingers).

Smiles change people folks.  Don't you know that if you smile at one person - they are more than likely going to smile back at you?  I spent a lot of my time smiling at people yesterday, but no person gave me a bigger smile than Mr. K.  I saw him and smiled - he smiled back and introduced himself as my blog reader. I knew in that moment exactly who he was. Every time I saw K and his wife - they smiled at me.  I smiled back.  It was contagious this smiling.   I spent a lot of time with them, although I'll be honest - it wasn't long enough.  So you there - reading this blog - we have to get together again.  Seriously. 

Let me back track for a second.  When I think of my friends - sometimes I take a snap shot of them in my mind.  Those snapshots I carry around with me for life.  Whenever I think of someone, I think of them in that snapshot.  I now have a snap shot of K in my mind (and fortunately for me - on my computer because I used my camera to actually take it!).  And I don't know if you can see it - I can - but through his "frown" he's actually smiling!  It cracks me up!  He looks like Michael Rosenbaum!  Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks this - (I see you all - madly googling - Michael Rosenbaum - without hair people - ala Smallville era). Whatever would I have posted about K if you hadn't come to see me.  Seriously.  It would have been such a dull post. Chuckles.  Ask him - I laugh and smile - a lot.  It helps.  There's no need to be sick and grumpy.  Be sick and happy.  I can't change the sick, but I can change my attitude and I did. 

PS: K - I'm so proud of you - I'm not sure if you've seen the official results, but you finished FOURTH in your age group - He finished running 3.1 miles - 5 minutes faster than I walked 1 mile. Be proud there pal - you did it.

Moving on - I work in a pre-school and two children and their Mom came to support me.  They also knew someone that had been affected and when the Mom found out about the walk and that I had Lyme she registered.  I was so blessed by this simple act of kindness  - that this was one of the moments I cried.  I pretty much spent the entire mile walking with this family. I'm not posting pictures of them because I did not ask for permission.  I really try not to post pictures of folks without their consent.  However if I see them this week and they say yes - I will gladly post a picture of them.  They are so adorable  :}

A bunch of us know a guy named Pete.  Pete & I are the ones that hosted the Under Our Skin screening in May 2012.  Well, we've really been missing him here lately.  So Meredith and I took it upon ourselves to come up with an idea to show him how much we miss him.  I haven't seen Pete since the screening.  So we had this idea of holding up words.  Do you know how hard it is to direct people to hold words? Um, very.  I think they rearranged about 3 times and finally we got it so that everyone was in the picture - and the sentence made sense!  His Mom is sending this picture to him since he doesn't have internet or phone access right now.  Speaking of Mom's - My Mom and brother came!  I didn't know they were coming so I got the shock of my life.  My Mom took this photo of the group.  Thanks Mom.

After the race - they had three things.  The first was the Bouncing Bulldogs.  Now these the world's best jump rope team - They were simply amazing. Yes the whole group was jumping over one rope. 

There were also the awards for the competitive 5K

And TIC-NC did a small presentation.

Overall I had a great time!  This is me with the sign I made to walk with there photographed by my friend Melisa.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breathing relief

Today was the 5K.  I will write more in depth tomorrow, but I wanted to make a list of the "cool" things that happened today.

  • Saw 14 Lyme Friends
  • Had 11 Non Lyme friends and family there to support me.  
  • I knew many others that were there.  
  • I was overwhelmed.  I shed a tear or two or maybe twenty.
  • I took over 300 photographs at the walk.  
  • I only deleted 10 of them due to blurriness (I'm improving).
  • I took a picture of a Lyme friend that told me yesterday that she takes horrible pictures - that no one can take her picture.  I said she hadn't met me yet and I'd get a great shot.  Challenge accepted - I squatted down - I had her smile - I snapped the shot.  And in ONE try - it was perfect.  :} I can't wait for her to see it on her computer!
  • My Mom & Brother came out to support me.  I wasn't expecting them and they showed up.  I shed a tear or two - okay maybe twenty.
  • An AWESOME blog reader of several years & his wife came - I took tons of pictures of them, but failed (this is what happens when I'm the photographer!) to get a picture of the three of us together.  Guess it just means we'll have to hang out again in the future and get that photo. Sometimes I wonder if my blog is reaching anyone.  I wonder if I'm just writing a journal to myself.  That's why I started Living the Lyme Life in the first place.  And then, just when I was thinking about giving it up - stepping back - I get an email. Yes, I am reaching people.  One - Two - Twenty thousand. It doesn't matter.  I reached one. One is enough for me.
And this is how we felt when we didn't place - because we're too slow.  But man - my blog reader turned now friend -  He ran the mile (or maybe he walked - I don't know because I was almost dead last in the mile walk - ) and then -- get this folks -- he ran the 5K.  I told him to give me a sad face because we "lost" and this is what I got.  My new friend cracks me up. You know who you are - Thanks for coming today.  I wasn't expecting it (even after I got your email because things happen at the last minute) - and you and your wife really made my day.  And yes, that's his gorgeous wife next to him.  I got his permission to post this picture cause he's awesome like that!  Thanks "Mr. K." LOL.  You know all those Dr. P's - and Dr. J's and Dr. D's and Dr. Initials - I dub you Mr. K. LOL.  Have Mrs. K friend request me on facebook and you can see all 250 pictures I uploaded. See Mr. K's photo on the official 5K post.  I removed this one. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Week Ahead

I will be working 3 part days every week the rest of October (possibly November and December too) and that begins tomorrow.  This coming week is going to be crazy busy.  I will work a total of 17 hours, but in addition to working I also have my Lyme follow up appointment and my hair appointment.  I've also been selling the bracelets to raise money for TIC-NC so in addition to work and appointments - I will make a couple of trips to the bank and to the post office.  In my possession, I will have $133 on Tuesday morning.  I'm waiting for the rest of the money to arrive, but in the very least I'll be able to take $133 to the walk on Sunday.  However, I should be receiving about $200 in total in the mail to donate. 

I'm a little worried about working so much, but I scheduled the hours myself and I never scheduled myself 3 days in a row.  I also never scheduled myself to work late one day and early the next.  And with the exception of this week - 4 and 1/2 hours is the longest day.  So I'm hoping that my body won't shut down.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bracelet Sale Update

So far through Facebook, we've managed to raised $165 for TIC-NC.  This is far more than I ever expected.  Now that I've surpassed my original goal of $100, I am hoping to be able to pass my second goal of $200.00 and with only being $35 short of that or about 25 bracelets - I am confidant we'll make it and possibly make a third goal!

PS:  Since my blog message at 6:08, I've gotten another order. I'm now only $21.50 shy of $200 - Only ten bracelets and I'll break the $200 mark.  It can and will be done! Then I'll set a new goal of $250.00 for TIC-NC from bracelet sales ... but first let's break the $200 mark!