Saturday, February 7, 2009

IT'S OUT!!!!!


I was told one time that if you're really excited about something you should say it three times! Here is one of the last pictures taken with my PICC line still attached. We're both saying "goodbye." this was about two hours prior to the removal.


My PICC line was removed this morning as planned!

It went very smoothly. My doctor told me to take a deep breath. He said as I exhaled he would pull it out. By the time I released the breath, he was done. I did not feel a thing. It is uncomfortable now, but I suspect that will end soon enough. It's weird. I feel a bit empty. So as my doctor was about to throw it in the bin, I asked if I could keep it. He said yes and packed it away for me to take home.


Renee said...

WOW Fantastic and good for you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Renee. I am happy & sad at the same time. If that makes any sense at all.