Friday, February 6, 2009

Elevated Aluminum

So my Heavy Metal tests came back. They also tested some other "minerals" and metals that aren't considered to be "heavy metals" but that can cause some health issues if they aren't removed from the body properly.

They test for 11 things. Of the 11 things they tested, only 3 things came back out of the reference range. Two of the three things were just barely off the reference range, but the third thing was almost in the very elevated levels.

First things first: Lead was one of the ones in just slightly elevated levels. Most of the times you don't get symptoms until your Lead levels are very high. Lead poisoning can cause Central Nervous problems, Digestive Issues and Renal System problems.

The second thing that was slightly elevated was Nickel. I really couldn't find much data on Nickel poisoning, but it can cause Headaches, Dizziness, Vomiting, Nausea, Irritability, Dry Cough, Sweating and others. Considering my levels aren't that high, I doubt that Nickel poisoning is the cause of my symptoms. It's more than likely: Lyme, Bartonella, Candida or the other metal that was elevated.

The one that concerns my doctor is Aluminum Poisoning. Aluminum Poisoning can cause SEIZURES. This is the one that jumped out at me. What if back when I was having Seizure ... whether it was caused by Aluminum Poisoning. Interesting to think about? I think so. Forgetfulness, Chronic Sinus Problems, Dry Mouth, Muscle Weakness, Bone Pain, Altered Mental Status, Bone easily fractured, Anemia, Immunity impairment, Growth Retardation in Children, headaches, and others.

I bolded the ones that I've had. And who knows about the Growth Retardation .. I am only 61 inches tall. Maybe I could have been taller ...

What causes this?

Tough to say what caused it in my case, but Aluminum is one of those that just builds up with every use. Antiperspirants can cause Aluminum poisoning. So can other home products that contain Aluminum (like pots & pans, anti-dandruff shampoo, toothpaste, city water, utensils that contain aluminum). Some Vaccines have Aluminum and what's worse ... for me ... Cheese! Some Cheeses contain Aluminum.

Can ya'll hear me screaming from your computer? You should.

What will I do about this?

I'm not really sure yet. I've had two chelations now. I will find out more on Saturday at my Appointment.


shell said...

Hi! My name is Shelley. I have been diagnosed with CIDP. It has been quite an adventure for my family to say the least. I just want to start reaching out to others....

Take Care

Jennifer said...

If you see this Shelley, Hello. Hope you enjoy my blog.