Monday, December 16, 2013

New posts at LTLL Wordpress

Since sharing that I began a new blog, I've written a few new posts.  Come check it out!

I have yet to work on getting some old posts from this blog over there, but I will.

On the new blog, I discuss my most recent follow up, discuss the difficulties of daily living of having a picc line and also how I was trying my best to be patient.

Please come join me over there as I will try to update more frequently, especially during the journey of the 2nd PICC line.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Time To Ask For Help

A lot has happened over the last day.   I have been in and out of treatment for over 6 and 1/2 years.  I am hopeful that insurance will cover at least a small portion of my upcoming treatment, but I also understand the realities that many Lyme patients get denied coverage for IV antibiotics.  In order to fight, I need help.  I never dreamed that I would ever ask for outside help, but the time has come. 

Any contributions to my paypal account would be greatly appreciated.  Below is an easy to make contribution button for my treatments.  I want to send something back for your help so for those that donate $25.00 - they will receive 5 We Fight Lyme Together Bracelets.  For those that donate $50.00 - you will receive 10 We Fight Lyme Together Bracelets.  For those that donate $100.00 - you will receive 20 We Fight Lyme Together Bracelets.  This will continue while supplies last.

If you want to contribute an amount that isn't listed below, you can send it directly to the paypal account -

Thank you so much.  Even the smallest amount will help.

Thank you for helping me pay for treatments
We Fight Lyme Together Bracelet Sizes

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Blog Website

I have been thinking that since I am on wordpress for NC Lyme Advocacy more often than I am on blogger, that it might be better for me to open up Living the Lyme Life on Wordpress.  So I have.  I will be putting some of my older posts from here on the new website over the next few weeks, but for now I have a welcome post and information from when I got my first PICC Line in 2008.  Please feel free to visit and I hope to be posting on a more regular basis.  For a while, I may post in both places.  However eventually I suspect that I will taper off blogger and use only wordpress.

Yes, I'm alive!

I'd like to say I have no excuse for not blogging, but truth is I have a few reasons that I've not blogged. 

The first one is the absolute worst thing that can happen - I forgot my log in and my password - and my email address for the blog.  I couldn't log in.  I woke up at 3am - and REMEMBERED - and because I had a Lyme moment before I went to bed and didn't put the heater on a timer, I woke up to an almost 80 degree room.  Sweltering hot.  So I got up - piddled on the computer and just now decided to try to see if I actually did remember the log in and password.  Maybe I need to write that sucker down!   The next reason I've been quiet is that I've just not felt like sharing. 

Let's go back to that heater - I stay chronically cold.  However, it is not economically affordable to keep the house at a temperature that would keep me nice and toasty.  So during the day, I pretty much stay covered up with a blanket.  If I get too cold, I turn on the fire place and it helps slightly.  However at night, I freeze.  I do have an electric blanket and it works well, but if I scooch it around and it isn't on me directly, I shiver until it wakes me up.  So last winter, we got the bright idea to get a small heater for the bedroom.   It has a timer - and a thermostat.  So what I do - is turn it on for 75 degrees and set it to run for 2 hours. 

If I do this right as I get into bed, the room is cool enough for me to get to sleep and the room warms up so I'm cozy the first couple of hours.  If I get to sleep quickly, I sleep well through the night. And then the heater turns off - and the house heater continues to run when the rest of the house is cooler than 68.  So in the winter when I wake up, it is likely still 70 to 72 in the bedroom when I wake. It works well for me.  However, last night.  I failed to turn it on for 2 hours.  So - from 8 until 3 - the heater ran.  Also, the house heat ran.  So when I woke at 3am sweating and uncomfortable and feeling like I was going to pass out - I saw the temperature was at a balmy 78.3 degrees. I knew I wouldn't be getting back to sleep so I just got up til my body could feel a little cooler.  Now my toes are  freezing. I'll probably try to go back to bed, but doubt I'll get much sleep. 

Sleep:  Many Lyme patients have trouble sleeping.   I tend to not have this problem.  My problems is that I sleep too much.  However about one night a month, I'll have trouble either falling asleep - or - staying asleep. There is no rhyme or reason for that night in the month.  Tonight, there was a reason.  The heat.  Maybe it will still count for my once in December sleepless night.  Now the thing is I still got almost 7 straight hours of sleep - even WITH waking up at 3am.  However, I typically sleep at least 10 hours, sometimes if the dogs cooperate I sleep 12 or more. 

Well I hope to share more soon.  I've had so much go on since my last post, but I likely won't be back-sharing.