Sunday, February 1, 2009

Laughter Heals

Here is a small clue about the hilarity that ensued for one of my "Not Me Mondays." When 2007 turned into 2008, I promised myself that I would smile every day and make one other person smile as well. Laughter counted for the "Smile" because can you laugh without a smile? Well on Saturday January 31st, I laughed so hard that it make others look. Of course in turn they tried to look away, but started laughing a bit when they saw what I had in my hands. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the "full story" on the funniness, but here is a partial view of one of the many pictures my husband took once we brought home the item that caused a melt down of laughter in Target. I am still laughing just thinking about it! :o) Can you guess what they are? AND MISSY .. NO GUESSING FOR YOU. You've heard the story & seen the pictures! :o) If I've told you the story ... don't guess. that wouldn't be fair to my 15 readers that don't get to talk to me on a daily basis. :o) You can click on it to make it a tiny bit bigger.

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