Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week has not been a doozy at all. I absolutely did NOT run up and down my street to catch the DHL delivery person to send my Urine off to the lab. I did NOT go off on him and explain the urgency of my package arriving on time due to the bodily fluids that the package contained. I did NOT tell him that if it did not arrive in time, he would be personally responsible for paying $154.00 for me to have a second treatment and another $60.00 for the test to be re-run. I was NOT flattered in any way when he told me he thought I was a 12 year old kid running around the yard the day before I turned 33.

On Wednesday, I absolutely was not stressed out in any way to go to my best friend's new apartment. Under no circumstances would I have to sit in my car for over 30 minutes before being removed from the car by my friend over anxiety from the drive. I was not embarrased in any way to have to call my husband to convince me to get out of the car before further embarrassing myself to call my friend to have him come down to get me! Not me, never, absolutely not. :O

On Thursday, I absolutely did not eat a huge canister of cheese balls in one sitting. That would be absolutely horrible for my body and since I am so health conscious, I would never consider doing that. You know what else I didn't do? I didn't spend all Thursday afternoon talking to one of my blog readers about Lyme Disease and the inaccuracies of the Western Blot & Elisa test. I didn't send her a whole email of Lyme doctors in her area just in case she wanted to get a 2nd opinion on her illness actually being Lyme Disease instead. :-}

On Friday, I did not do something spontaneous and go out to eat with an old friend
um .. correction ... pain in the ass of mine. I most certainly did not jump at the chance to drive somewhere and eat dinner breakfast food for dinner. We did not reminisce about band & guard and did not spontaneous bust out into "Oh Yeah" from the Twix Commercial because it was a winterguard tune.

On Saturday, I did not laugh so hard in Target that I almost peed in my britches. Speaking of britches, you know I did not purchase a pair of britches off the 75 percent rack because they were the cause of said laughter. Then I most definitely did not go around to find a shirt that would match the britches for my Halloween costume this year because it would so be the perfect 1980's outfit. I also did not pull out my camera in the middle of the store to take a picture of pink sweatpants. Those that know me in person from HS know that my "style" was sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt ~ nothing more and nothing less. My husband and I did not have a grand time taking pictures of me in said Shiny Gold Pants & Off white/gold shirt. Here is NO PROOF whatsoever of me doing the silliness. I know I know: 1987 called and they want their pants back.

One last thing that did not happen on Saturday. My husband was certainly not referred to as "Dad" when we were checking out at Target. I did not slap him on the back and say "yeah Dad" and snort at the same time. The check out woman did not say "Husband?" with a very confused look in her eye and when I said "I'm actually 33" .. she did not and I repeat did not grab my hand and force me to look at the customer in line behind us. She did not say "can you believe she's 33?" She then did not say "You Go Boy" to my husband as we were walking away from the cash register. I did not tease him the rest of the day. :o) Dad Dad Daddio.


cindy baldwin said...

LOL! Keep an eye on my blog this week to see the incident where I was mistaken for a 12 year old kid this week as well!

(I'd tell the story here, but... it's too long... and it really deserves its own blog post.)

Jennifer said...

Cindy, well at least we weren't mistaken for 50 year old women!