Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Blog & New Bracelet Design

HI everyone!  Remember to go check out the new blog at 
There have been several new posts since I opened it up including information about my newest treatment & reactions. 

However I haven't figured out how to add a paypal button to wordpress quite yet so I updated my paypal button for my We Fight Lyme Together bracelet sales on the right and wanted to post something here as well.  As soon as I find the card reader, I will post new pictures - However, I ordered a "new design" for the bracelets.  So I now have two design options and two size options.  The original design is Lime Green & White swirled.  The new design has Lime Green/White/Blue segmented.  There are many "variations" in the new order so each one is unique.  Some of the designs start the We on the white portion, while others start on the green or blue portion.  I will randomly pull bracelets for orders for the Tri-Color option. 

You may want to know what I use the proceeds for.  I use the proceeds for a variety of different things. 

  • proceeds help pay for my new treatment protocol.  
  • proceeds help raise awareness for Lyme in North Carolina
  • sometimes proceeds help pay for the original cost of the bracelets.
  • sometimes proceeds help pay for shipping if it exceeds what I've requested.