Friday, February 20, 2009

songs to the right

Okay so some of you may absolutely *love love love* the songs that are to the right. Some of you may not like them so much. Well .... I find them hysterical. Once while driving (probably riding actually since I never drive us anywhere and he does all the driving), one of the songs by The Fray came on. My friend has the ability to make fun of just about any song on the radio and he began "singing" one of them. I think I about peed on myself that day. It would have made the jug-o-pee test easier has he been around to make me laugh so hard that it created the urge to go.

Anyways, I needed a bit of a chuckle yesterday so I added four The Fray Songs on my profile so that I could get a chuckle when I needed them. :o)

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