Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Post Picc Line

A huge hint about the Celebration post!

I've been contemplating what all I want to do when I get my PICC line removed. There are so many things that I decided to make a list. Though I don't need a reason to make a list. I'm a list maker by nature.

1. Take a nice long shower without a picc line cover
2. Find a hot tub somewhere and enjoy it.
3. Swim in a pool.
4. Go Bowling.
5. Walk on the beach
6. Go to a Winterguard show! :o)
7. Spin a rifle. (Okay maybe not .. but it would be fun.)
8. Hug my friends without fear of being hurt
9. Sleep on my right side without hurting


cindy baldwin said...

I gotta say, the one area in which PICCs are easier than ports is showering. It's pretty much impossible to get a decent shower when you have a sterile dressing all the way across your chest! Esp. since my last hospitalization (over Christmas) I had no tub in my hospital room...

Anonymous said...

Greetings Jennifer !

I came across your blog when I Googled:"PICC line bowling" - funny, huh? :)

I have had Lyme & Co. for 15 + years undiagnosed & untreated until August 29,2008 when my PICC was put in for IV Rocephin.

I was so badly wanting to something fun with my young children (5 & 7 years old and also infected via me.)

I didn't think that I could actually bowl (my PICC is in my dominant arm -my right,) but "I'm on the couch" today so I had the time to search for any stories of people who may have given bowling a try with their other arm...

I will go check out your blog now...

Thank you for posting and sharing your experiences!

In Solidarity,