Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love is Pt 1 (Bumped)

I wrote this back in December. I feel it needs bumping. I am reminded by an old dear friend of mine that you need to tell people you love them often. I LOVE ALL OF YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS. I am blessed to have all of you in my life whether I've known you 33 years or only 3 minutes. For those that are reading that I knew in Elementary School, you all mean more to me than you will EVER know. Words can not express how happy I am that I have found a lot of you once again. :o)

Blog readers: I am blessed that you have found me. It is my hope that I am able to give those of you with Lyme Disease & other Chronic Illnesses a bit of humor & hope that all will be okay. God has plans for all of you. Please comment and often. It brightens my day to see new comments. Everytime I see the map has new "stars" & red circles, I smile. It reminds me that I am loved by friends, family & random strangers that just happened to google key words that brought my blog to their lives.

Without further ado:

Life Lessons on Love that I have learned over the last 32 (er now 33)years. Oddly enough, I learned most of them in elementary school.

Elementary School Lessons:

* True love is pushing someone on the swing sets even in really really cold weather (Kindergarten)
* Love can be found in the honey part of the honeysuckle. (1st grade)
* When you love someone, you open up their ketchup packets for them when they can't. (1st grade).
* Love is giving someone your last Green M&M because they know it makes you run faster to get to their house (2nd grade)
* Love is asking the teacher if your friend can sit in the front row because she's short after realizing she couldn't see the chalkboard because see couldn't see that far away.
* When you love someone, you must allow them to hear you sing out loud at least once. (1985 - We Are The World)
* Love is sharing the very last pancake at church (3rd grade)
* Love is the feeling of the wind going through your hair when you're going down a very rusty slide in your Sunday best. Hate is landing in the mud puddle at the bottom of the slide. :) Ooops. (4th grade)
* Love is removing an Easter Egg out of it's hiding place 2 months after Easter. (4th grade)
* Love is painting your girl's room blue ... Carolina blue. (again don't remember, but boy it was pretty).
* When you truly love someone, give them bubble gum machine rings (5th grade)
* Love is sharing your 'Now & Laters' right NOW instead of waiting for Later. (5th grade)
* Love is wrapping up a friend's birthday present in "nesting boxes" so that she has to open up 10 packages before getting to the actual gift (5th or 6th grade)
* Love is not freezing your best friend's bra at an over night sleep over (6th grade)
* Love is wrapping your arms around another person's neck and not wanting to let go (6th grade)
* Love is asking "Will you go out with me?" and even when the person says "we're already out," they say it louder ... "NO will you go OUT with me?" (6th grade)
* Love is inviting a girl to a dance and not yelling at her when she is too shy to do what they were there for ... dance. (um don't remember which year this was er maybe 5th or 6th)
* Love is holding onto the front bumper of your car after it is being hurled into oncoming traffic of a very busy highway because somehow someway the little brother in the car made it start going backwards. Thanks Dad :)
* Love is cutting up an old bridesmaid dress to add in a crotch to a dance costume that is way too small (wanna know the story to this one? I believe my 6th grade year of dance our costumes all came in way too small. Mine went below my chest so my mom cut up one of her dresses and cut through the crotch of my dance costume. She then sewed in another crotch so that my dance costume would fit). Thanks Mom. :)
* Love is searching for a very special acorn for your friend, giving it to her and telling her not to throw it away because it would connect you forever. True love is still having that acorn at 32. (but my bad memory can't remember who gave it to me - if you read this and you gave me that acorn ... I still have it in my jewelry box from when I was a kid along with a bunch of bubblegum rings)
* Love is hiding in your best friend's attic in order not to move away.

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