Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Subtext of Life

Words.  Phrase.  Articulation. 

When words are put together, they form a sentence. 

The cat ran.

This is such a simple sentence. However, this simple sentence isn't so simple when you say it.  Inevitably, someone reads subtext into a simple sentence.  This can often vary by the person that states the phrase and the person that is listening to it. Let me give you a few examples

I say, "The cat ran."  Someone might immediately think on of the following scenarios:

  • The cat ran in the grass.
  • The cat ran in the house.
  • The cat ran from the dog
  • The cat ran during thunder.
  • The cat ran using all four paws.
  • The cat ran away from home.
When you hear the phrase, "The cat ran," you may already predisposed to think where the cat ran to or why the cat ran or even how the cat ran.  However,  I was just making a simple statement that the cat ran.  There was no sub-text into where, why or how of this statement.  However, people often jump to conclusions and imagine there is more to the sentence than there is based on past experiences.

If this simple phrase can have subtext, imagine other sentences in life.  Some people throw subtext into every day conversation with their body language.  They say one thing, but really are intending to say something else.   For me - about 9 out of 10 times, what I say is what I mean.  If I ask for someone to do something, there's no subtext to follow.  It's just a simple request.  But because so many people are used to others using subtext, they make assumptions based on my statements.  When in reality, I simply just wanted you to take the trash out - or remove a post - or whatever it was that I asked you to do.  It's as simple as that. 

Speaking of subtext - some people are going to read this and ASSUME I am talking about someone in particular - and again - you'd be incorrect.  It's not about anyone.  I was just thinking on the way home that sometimes simple sentences can be so misconstrued with subtext that the meaning gets lost in translation.

So from now on - whenever you read something - or hear something, listen.  Not just hear, but listen.  Sometimes the 5 words that comes out of the person's mouth is really just the 5 words - and not a 20 paragraph dissertation.  :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Itchy Update

  • During the day was better in itchiness.  
  • Apparently still very itchy at night though.  It's woken me up three times thus far.
  • What I wouldn't give for one full night of sleep - or maybe even just one night with only waking once.
  • Redness is about the same and irritation spots about the same.  One small step. 
  • Take Diflucan number 4 tomorrow (er today) - that's typically the sweet spot number if it's a fungal infection for itchiness to completely stop

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Itching Game

The stages of an itch usually follow a pattern. 

  • There is an itch.
  • You scratch it.
  • There is relief.
 This can be true for many types of itches. However one type it itch plays hide & go seek  --

  • There is an itch.
  • You scratch it.
  • It moves.
  • You scratch it again.
  • It moves.
  • You scratch it again.
  • There is relief.
However, there is one type of itch that is quite annoying.  Annoying indeed.

  • There is an itch.
  • You scratch it.
  • It itches worse.  
  • You scratch some more.
  • It itches worse.
  • Houston, we have a problem.
This has happened to me, yet again.

First let me begin by saying I have re-occuring systemic yeast problems.  It happens and I usually realize it quickly and begin a protocol.  By looking back to 2008, it took 4 days of this protocol to help this kind of itchiness in the past.

Now there are multiple things that I think are important and some are a little bit TMI.  I'm a modest girl so I'll keep it friendly, but - I can't explain everything without explaining everything.  For my male readers - aka that's you Kaptain Blue, you might want to just want to  just go back to like 2008 and reread and old blog.  LOL.

It all began on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. I ran out of my monthly supplies on day 3.  All you ladies (and probably some gentlemen) know what I'm talking about.  So a quick trip to the store was in order.  When I arrived, I realized they had a bargain so I bought up 3 boxes of my favorite brand.  However instead of getting my regular supply, I mixed it up a bit.  I thought why not mix it up - they've had this "new" product out for a bit and I've heard great things about it.  I got home and unwrapped this pretty package of U by Kotex. I think you ladies know where I'm going with this.  It was Mistake Number One! On Wednesday afternoon, I used the product twice.

Thursday I had scheduled a lymphatic massage for detoxing.   So, I decided to shave the bikini line.  Mistake Number Two.   I must say I really enjoyed it, but boy did we find my painful spots.  By this point, I had used the product two or three more times.  By Thursday night, I felt an "itch."  I won't tell you where exactly this "itch" was located, but all you ladies know this itch - an uncomfortable itch that's inconvenient and a bit disgusting to scratch -especially in public. Upon further investigation, I discovered a small bump - like that of a bug bite on my tush.  I figured in that moment the bug bite was the cause of the itch.  There was no alarm.  Side note:  That night, I grabbed one of my original product instead of the new pretty packaging product.

I went to sleep Thursday night thinking nothing of the little itch and bump.  Boy was I wrong.  Mistake number 3.  I should have started treating that little itch & bump Thursday  night because Friday morning I woke up and I was really itchy.  I was so itchy - I decided to just leave off any extra things that might cause irritation - IE:  I knew I would have some messy under garments, but it was worth it.  See told you might be a bit TMI.

By Friday evening, I was in a pickle.  I realized that I had a lot of redness and irritation (and itching).  So I grabbed a tube of handy dandy lotrimin ultra and applied onto the skin where it was red and irritated.  Upon contact, it felt better.  I slept well - although woke frequently itching.

By Saturday, I was truly in pain.  It was an itch so bad that it hurt.  I couldn't scratch it because t hat would make it worse - If you don't know - any itch/rash area that you scratch over and over again could cause an infection if you break the skin.  And since I'm trying to avoid any antibiotics over the next 6 weeks - (have gone 2 weeks so far) I'm trying not to scratch.  I alternated using antifungal cream and neosporin on my red/raging/irritated/angry/itchy skin.  To clarify, it is just the skin that's red and fussy.  Thank God!  I began Diflucan (why I didn't on Friday - I don't know.  I'm fussing at myself about that right now! - yes at 2:50 am).

Sunday, I picked up Coconut Oil.  I've heard many good things about it.  I used it.  It was "so so" in remedy for itching - but I've also heard it's a great natural antibiotic/antifungal therapy for skin. So I've alternated the  creams around today to try to hit the rash from every angle and then it hit me -

  • The new product irritated my skin.. (probably need to add an cortisone cream in there)
  • The shaving irritated my skin more - would have been better off if I had left well enough alone during my monthly visitor.  (this is where I'm using the antibiotic cream)
  • The yeast went out of control due to a combination of - already having system yeast overgrowth in my body (with no other symptoms, I didn't realize), lymphatic massage pulling things out to the surface, and because it was already irritated due to the product & the shaving - the rash landed on a very unfortunate area of the body.  (Diflucan and Antifungal Cream - alternating with Coconut Oil)
Because of this itch - I haven't slept well since Thursday night.  I have to work today through Thursday.  First 4 day week since I quit - and most of those days are almost 8 hour days.  If my bosses were in town, I'd not go - but this week I am the boss.  I have to go.  So wish me luck as I sit down, cross my legs and hope that the itching doesn't go crazy while I'm at work. 

The redness has subsided a bit. It doesn't look quite as angry as it did on Saturday.   If past experiences tell me anything, the rash will be gone by day 4 of Diflican - which isn't until Tuesday.   However, my past rashes weren't this severe and angry before I started treating.