Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Whole Lotta Jennifer

Rob took many photos of me that were bad and many of me that were great.
This was one of my favorites. No my legs aren't that short. I just assumed Rob was taking a waist up photo so I put my knees on the bench in the gazebo.

Here is me in a Whole Lotta Chair!

And lastly, I had so much fun at the fair. I hope you all enjoyed
visiting the North Carolina State Fair through my photos.
And thanks to my friend Missy for fixing this photo for me.
I had a huge drink spot on my shirt and she took it right off magically! Love her!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Whole Lotta Flowers

I absolutely love taking photos of flowers. At the North Carolina State Fair, there were plenty of flowers and things of the sort for me to photograph. Here are a selection of my favorite photos.

This one took exactly one shot. I saw it in my head and I snapped the camera.

This one on the other hand took me about 10 minutes and a bunch of "erases" on the camera.
I knew exactly what I wanted to see in the lens, but I couldn't adjust
my camera to get it just right. Until I remembered the magic word: Macro.
Once I switched settings on the camera, it took one shot! And what a shot it is. :o)

This also took one snap of the camera. I saw it in my head,
snapped the photo and bam .. it was there.
The vibrant colors make me smile.

If one flower makes me happy,
then a whole lotta flowers make me
a whole lotta happy. :o)

Stay tuned for one last post that will share some favorites
that didn't a place in my Whole Lotta Posts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

A fall edition has made me very happy.

There were 10 couples on Tuesday night's show. I already have a few pre-season favorites. There is always one person that surprises me. I will showcase my personal top 5 performances. I am very disappointed that Billy Bell won't be performing this season due to his illness. It's also a shame that Noelle hurt her knee. Though it must be said ... how come those on reality shows from NC make us all look like IDIOTS? I did kind of laugh at Noelle when she was talking about the Fox Trot.

Legacy (B-boy Street Performer) & Kathryn (contemporary) perform a Hip Hop routine. I look at this routine and Legacy reminds me of Gollum of Lord of the Rings. I could just see him going "My precious." This was my favorite routine of the evening. I hope they continue to do as well next week.

Ryan (Ballroom) & Ellenore (Jazz) perform a Contemporary Jazz Routine. I absolutely LOVE Ryan in this piece. He's so strong. Their dance was raw with movement and the transitions from one movement to the next seemed seemless. I feared that Ryan & Ashleigh would have difficulties dancing with other partners, but they both killed it with their new partners this week. :o) My 2nd favorite piece of the evening.

Kevin (Hip Hop) & Karen (Ballroom) perform a Cha Cha. Who isn't shocked that Karen knocked the Cha Cha out of the park? Even made Adam Shankman go "Aaaah oooooooo gah." Both really did an excellent job in this routine. Karen was the first one on the Hot Tamale Train! They both were just so good and I was amazed at how well Kevin did throughout the routine.

Bianca (Tap Dance) & Victor (Contemporary) perform a Contemporary piece. I've watched Bianca try to get on the show for a few years now and I'm so glad she's finally on the show. Who hasn't been there? Being either the object of someone's affection and not wanting that person OR .. having someone that you just want to notice you and they ignore you completely. I think I've been on both ends of the spectrum.

Nathan & Mollee perform a Disco. Our teenage couple of the show performed this routine very well. Bits of it made me a tad uncomfortable b.c I know these two are only 18. :P ~ ~ ~ They are just so adorable and I have a feeling that they'll have a great fan base.

Can't wait for next week. :D

A Whole Lotta People

The employees at the fair are quite interesting creatures. I wish I had taken a photo of one lady. This lady made my restroom experience quite enjoyable. What? It wasn't dirty, it wasn't nasty and it wasn't crowded. This lady ushered you into the bathroom with her boisterous voice. Several of her phrases included, "If you have to pee, this is the place to be." "Sit down and make your bladder gladder." When all the stalls were full, she announced that they had a full house and momentarily a room would open up. I should have just taken a photo of her.

In the Yesteryear area, there were lots of vendors making things. Here are some photos of the ladies and gentlemen making things. Here is a lady working on the eggs. :o)

It was in here that we found Steve Troxler (our NC Commissioner of Agriculture) walking around from vendor to vendor.

Here was a fellow woodworking ~ he was making a gun.

This guy made me smile. He just had a jovial way about him as you can see.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pray for Stellan

Pray for baby Stellan. He's back in the PICU in SVT.
Click on his picture to go straight to MckMama's blog.

A Whole Lotta Fun Stuff

When you go to the fair, you can expect to see a whole lotta neat things.
Some are prizes, some are sculptures and some are just plain neat.

First case in point, a sculpture of a cow made out of milk cartons.

Second case in point, a lady carrying a huge Pink Panther.
I wonder how much dough she threw down to "win" Mr. Panther.

Third case in point, Some people are just way too creative with their fruits and
win blue ribbons for their stop light apples.

Then some things are just at the fair for way too long.
Exhibit Number One (and No I won't be sharing with you Exhibit Number Two).

And lastly some more Eggs

Stay tuned for A Whole Lotta People

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why do I do this?

Why do I blog about my experiences with Lyme Disease?
Why do I tell others about my life?
Why do I share so openly and honestly about my feelings about the doctors that don't treat Lyme appropriately?

I got the answer today.

Not one, but TWO friends emailed me today. I have often thought that if the pain I had for 12 years prior to my diagnosis could help one person it was worth every moment.

Now I have the opportunity to possibly help impact the lives of my friend's family members.

You don't *get* Lyme until you GET Lyme. No two Lyme patients are the same either. I have had a pretty rocky journey, others have it worse than me and I know others that were treated with two weeks of Doxy and are fine.

I hope that those that my friends know will be in the two weeks of Doxy and they are fine. In my experience, that is rarely the case.

A Whole Lotta Exhibitions

At the North Carolina State Fair, you can expect a Whole Lotta Exhibitions. In this post, you'll find a whole lotta photos of different things that I thought were unique, cool or neat to photograph. :o)

I asked Rob if he could carve a pumpkin like this for me this Halloween.
He said my expectations were higher than his skill level.

Guess if he can't carve the pumpkin, he can't make these bird houses either.
What's he good for? ;)

I really love Easter Eggs. Easter is a very special holiday that reminds me of my family. We spent every Easter at my Grandparent's house and Easter Egg Decorating was our top priority. Wonder if we could have done something like these.

What's a fair without a whole lotta farm equipment?

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Whole Lotta Food

We only go to the fair every few years. I don't think it would be as fun if we went every year. Plus the past few years, I have been very sick so I would not have lasted an hour (much less the seven that we spent there today).

I really view the whole idea of fairs and carnivals and things of the sort as crowded and dirty. I just prefer to stay away from the whole scene of the fair, but ... the first month or two that Rob & I were together, he took me to the fair. So now we pretty much go every few years. This is the first year I think we've brought the camera and gone hog wild on the photos.

The whole reason I go to the fair is for a Whole Lotta Food! We head in thinking about the foods we want so we won't go crazy eating everything in sight. We know that I have to have Roasted Corn. We know that we have to have something sweet. We know that there will be some sort of "main meal." I can't remember what all we ate today, but we sure took lots of photos of food booths.

One of the Midway Food Booths. We didn't buy anything at this one, but it was pretty to look at.

Another booth of food sugar.

The whole reason I go to the fair is to get a WHOLE LOTTA ROASTED CORN! :o)
This stand even offered a "cheese" version of the corn. I was tempted, but decided to stick with good ole butter & salt. It was a real bargain at 4 dollars for the ear of corn & a bottle of water.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Whole Lotta Rides

The theme of this years North Carolina State Fair is a Whole Lotta Happy. So I will do my blog posts in the theme of the photos that will be posted. So this post is A Whole Lotta Rides.

We arrived at the fairgrounds around 8:30 in the morning. This gave me the opportunity to take photos of the rides. As you can see in the photo below, it was very cloudy today. Aside from the moments of downpours and massive wind, it was perfect weather. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold.

We were able to get right up close to the rides so we could take close up shots without losing the clarity by using a zoom lens. This was one of my favorite shots of part of one ride.

And here is another:

I personally am not a rider of fair rides. I don't like spending 6 to 8 bucks per ride for one after paying 17 dollars just to get in (7 dollars for the ticket and 10 dollars for parking) for one and for another ... my stomach just does not handle rides. I do, however, enjoy taking photos of them. :o)

And PS: I loved being about to walk around for SEVEN hours yesterday.
I think it's honestly the most I've walked straight
(work doesn't count since I spend most of my day
sitting in a chair teaching a child how to read)
and neither do UNC or WCU games
b.c again I spent most of the time sitting.

My legs are paying the price today. My calves are in brutal pain.
I'm sure it's from the exercise and not from the Lyme.
However, I will keep an eye on it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photo Tease

Wherever might I have gone? I wanted to leave you with a taste of what I did today! And btw: You will have the pleasure of having a new post every day the rest of the month.

Oh like my new hair cut?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late Night With Roy

It's a tradition at Carolina the last 7 years to have a Late Night With Roy. Last night's included, I have attended two. The first I attended, I honestly don't remember. I was so sick at that time that I was fortunate just to be able to go. It was my dream to go see the Carolina basketball team play and I felt so close to death's door that I had to get there. It was completely awesome, but I don't remember much b.c my photos didn't turn out well.

I use photographs as a back up to my mental memory. This year Rob & I took both cameras. One has a really great lens for taking close up pictures from far away. This was one of my favorite photos from my regular canon.

Me after the end of scrimmage. I had walked down to say hey to my old boss from my WCU days! Her daughter is a junior at the UNC women's basketball team.

Anoop Desai was there too and got called out by ESPN's Stuart Scott (the EMCEE for the evening's events).

But what did I go there to see? UNC MEN'S BASKETBALL!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lyme Merry Go Round

Public Health Alert Article is out

Go read the Public Health Alert. September issue is out now. Many great articles and it's a privilege to be an occasional writer.

If you're joining my blog from the PHA, welcome to the blog.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Follow up 10/10/09

August was my worst month this year. It was absolutely horrendous. I compare it to months that I had in 2008. I had exhaustion, headaches, word finding problems, memory problems, joint pain in hands & legs, balance issues, nausea and twitches in my legs. These problems lasted about 2 weeks of the month, but they were the worst two weeks I've had this year.

September gave me exhaustion, poor stamina, joint pain and swelling. I also had unexplained histamine reactions resulting in swollen eye lids. October has proven to be tough with the bout of Bronchitis. I walk into my LLMD's office with knowledge.

The good news is that each bad spell I had ended on it's own. I fought back with my "strong" immune system and the symptoms disappeared (excluding the Bronchitis). In August, we ran a bunch of urine and blood tests. I received the results of these tests today and what they mean for my treatment.

My sodium level is borderline low again. This means I have to add sodium into my diet yet again. My iron is better than he expected, but was still borderline low. My vitamin D is extremely low. Zinc was also overtly low. In the urine testing, it showed that I have low glutathione, and low B6. I also had a nutrient test done. The three things that were overtly low were Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium. It also showed borderline low levels of B12, inositol, Vitamin A, Copper, Chromium, Vitamin E and Vitamin C (which is absolutely astounding considering how many Grams of Vitamin C I take in a day).

He would provide me with "good news" to be followed by the "bad news." "Well, your metal test was within normal range." (YEAH) "Your Zinc levels are overtly low." (BOOO)

You may ask why are so many minerals defiecent. I can answer this. EDTA (not only to help with metals, but also to help with biofilms) not only binds to metals, but it binds to minerals. Therefore depleting my mineral supply. We were aware of this problem prior to the blood test and I was given Trace Minerals. However, Trace Minerals make me so nauseated that I can't take them. So he's going to give me specific minerals that I need. So I will be taking Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Selinium and a B6 complex. However because I have a sensitive system, I may not be able to tolerate them. If I can't tolerate these, I have been advised to get IV minerals.

The urine testing also showed high level of yeast. So therefore I will begin a regiment of Diflucan. We're going to hit it hard and take 4 full weeks of Diflucan. I will then take one week off and then take another 4 full weeks. I won't go on any new supplement until I'm off the antibiotics. However, I will start the Diflucan as soon as I get the prescription filled.

Rewriting Lyrics

If you want to share this, please do so by only sharing the URL to this blog. This was my creation and it took me weeks to write this. Do not copy & paste it onto your own blog. Just copy the link for this and post that instead. Thanks ***

I'm notorious for changing lyrics to music. I've done it since I was little. Well I've never gone all out and changed the WHOLE music lyrics. Well last year when I had my PICC line, I changed the lyrics to several songs. It made me laugh so hard I almost peed in my pants when I was done.

One of the songs was "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Now I do not like the original song, but my lyrics I think are completely awesome. Wrote it a few days after my PICC line insertion when I was frustrated that I couldn't even brush my own hair. You can hear the real song here:

- Hi Lymie!
- Hi Friend!
- You wanna go for a ride?
- Sure, Friend!
- Jump in!
- Ha ha ha ha!

I'm a Lymie girl in the Lymie world
My arms in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, I can't reach up there
Exasperation, Lyme is my frustration

Come on, Lymie, let's go party.

I'm a Lymie girl in the Lymie world
Wrapped in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, PJ's everywhere
Exasperation, Lyme is my frustration

I'm a disabled girl in the normal world
Dress me down, take your time, I'm your Lymie
You're my nurse, sit converse, tell of hideous pain
Wrap me here, Ice me there, I'm the drug store.

We can't touch, we can't play
We can say I'm always Sick , oooh whoa

I'm a Lymie girl in the Lymie world
My arms in plastic, it's fantastic
You can stop and stare, my pills are everywhere
Exasperation, Lyme is my frustration

Come on, Lymie, let's go party , ha ha ha, No
Come on, Lymie, let's go party nooo, nooo
Come on, Lymie, let's go party, ha ha ha, No
Come on, Lymie , let's go party , nooo, nooo

I can't walk, I can't talk, it makes no sense you see
I was bit by a tick, I was hit with panic.
Come right out , give a shout, let us scream "Oh" again
Hit the docs, I'm in shock, let's go Lymie

We stay in, can't go out
We can say I'm always Sick
We go out , Start to pout
We can say I'm Car Sick.

Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, ha ha ha, No
Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, nooo, nooo
Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, ha ha ha, No
Come on, Lymie , let's go Party, nooo, nooo

I'm a Lymie girl in the Lymie world
Wrapped in plastic, it's fantastic
You can start to care, I'm hurting everywhere
Exasperation, Lyme is my frustration

I'm a Lymie girl in the Lymie world
My arms in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, I can't reach up there.
Exasperation, Lyme is my frustration

Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, nooo, nooo
Come on, Lymie, let's go Party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Lymie , let's go Party, nooo, nooo

Can't wait for this to be done.
Well, Lymie, We're just getting started!
Cant wait till the end.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dose 5

I have a very strange reaction to antibiotics. It's very very weird and it has always happened.

Dose 1: Something always happens to make me think maybe I shouldn't take it. Sometimes it's (TMI) massive bathroom breaks, sometimes it's a strange rash, sometimes it's swelling somewhere. This time was no differnet. My left eye started swelling and it appeared that I had pink eye. I knew this would go away by the evening (the trend with most of my 1st dose episodes).

Dose 2: It generally goes better than dose 1. I always get excited that maybe nothing will happen while on antibiotics.

Dose 3: ALWAYS get nauseated & puny on Dose 3. As the tradition continued, I was nauseated all morning. However I had almonds with me so I ate them and felt better afterwards.

Dose 4: Last night, I felt so puny. I felt like I was going to barf at any second and was all hot & sweaty. I finally went to bed at 7:30 missing my favorite show. Now if this tells you anything, this show is the ONLY show I watch live anymore. All the rest I watch on DVR. But Survivor ... I hve to see it live! In i'ts entire season, I have only missed 3 episodes LIVE. Make that four now.

Dose 5: Always Always Always get the diahrea. I've already been to the bathroom 3 times and I just took Dose 5 15 minutes ago.

I have 15 doses left. Let's hope that the tradition doesn't continue b.c if so, I will be very sick by Sunday. At least I'm not having any other of my herx reactions. This is a VERY good thing.

I'm still coughing up a storm uncontrollably. I try not to take cough syrup b.c I know that I need to cough junk up. If I take the cough syrup, it will surpress my cough so that I won't be coughing stuff up. Bad part is that ... I fear. If I cough, I'll ... well .. I think you can guess what I'm scared will happen and it has to do with both "ends" if you get my drift.

I could take an expectorant, but I try to take as little medicine as possible. I will see my LLMD for my appointment tomorrow. We'll see what he says about my still lovely hacking cough.

Well off to run to the bathroom. Oh joy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bronchitis Update

I'm still coughing up a storm. I stopped by my LLMD's office this afternoon. After speaking with my nurse, I plunkered in my "favorite chair." She plunkered down right in front of me with needle in hand. After two tries, she got the IV inserted and the drip began. First IV I've had since February and the first time I've had an IV insertion since July of 08.

After the 2 and 1/2 hours of IV (which is a nutritional IV consisting of 50 grams of Vitamin C plus some other nutrients), my nurse informed me that my LLMD does want me to go on the antibiotic. So ... here we go again. Hopefully this time ... ONE antibiotic for TEN days (instead of FOUR antibiotics for over a YEAR).

All of my other s ymptoms are pretty much gone except the horrible cough. It's been a while since I've been a fly on the wall at my LLMD's office. I forgot how very busy my LLMD is. He was busier than an one legged man in a butt kicking contest. He was running from patient to patient trying to hear what the office staff and nurses were telling him about other patients in between visits.

Today was a crazy day. I know it's about to get crazier for him. I'm sure he'll get patients that would have gone to Dr. J in South Carolina, but don't want to wait for his transition to DC or even drive to DC.

I see him on Saturday for my follow up. Hopefully I'm feeling a lot better. I got my test results today. I am not looking forward to the appointment either b.c some things didn't look good.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Doc in the Box Visit

** Edited down at the bottom **

Woke up this morning feeling even worse so I decided to make a quick stop to the doc in the box. When I say quick .. I mean really quick. I got online to ensure that I knew where the doc in the box was located. I saw a link that said something about getting in line now. So I registered for a 10am appointment. I was the 5th one in "line" but I was the first on to be seen b.c I registered online. How's that for prompt?

They asked for my symptoms: Fever, Cough, Body Aches, Runny Nose, Headaches

They took my temp: Normal (Go figure that I had taken a Tylenol an hour prior .. of course my temp was normal)

They took my blood pressure and Ox: Normal.

Listened to my chest and stuck a huge stick up my nostrils which made my eyes water.

Doc in the Box comes in and listens to my chest. Said he was just waiting on the rapid flu test to come back, but he speculated that I did not have the flu ... but a really bad case of Bronchitis.

He leaves and comes back with three prescriptions and the good news. I don't have SWINE FLU, but only a bad case of Bronchitis. The thing is that I am not sure that I want or desire to take these prescriptions. First: One is an antibiotic. I've not had an antibiotic in over a year. There is no telling what kind of Herx reaction I'll have when I take it. It's also the antibiotic that gave me the worst reaction when I was on it for Lyme Disease. Second: He wrote a prescription for Steroids. Anyone that's anyone in the Lyme community knows you should run screaming from Steroids. I questioned him and he said that if I don't take it ... I could wind up in the hospital. What he doesn't understand is that if I do take it, I could wind up in the hospital. *sigh* Third: he wrote a prescript for a cough medicine. The strongest they have besides a narcotic. I am *really* sensitive to cough medicines. They knock me out on my backside.

There is not a single thing he wrote for me that doesn't have the red flags screaming. I'm going to have the hubby fill them for me. Try to get in touch with my Lyme doctor. The problem is that his office doesn't open until Tuesday. If I continue to go untreated, I could wind up in the hospital. If I go ahead and take these things, I could wind up in the hospital.

What's a Lymie to do?

*** My Pharmacist did not fill the cough med script. She showed hubby the strongest over the counter stuff for me. She did fill the other two. I love my pharamcist. She even gave me an easier way to take the antibiotics (filled a liquid instead of tablet like it was written). So once I get the go ahead from my wonderful doc ... I will have easy way to take it. Though she said "don't shake vigorously. that will make it taste even worse. Tilt it side to side like this easily." LOVE my pharmacist. Who do I love more than my pharamcist? My husband. He's the one that went to the pharmacist armed with questioned. He came back and gave me all the answers! ***

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Please Pray

So back story. I used to be sick all year around with some sort of sinus infection. It generally would start off as something simple (like seasonal allergies and develop into a raging infection). I think I spent most of December & January sick, March & April, July & August, and October sick. It would start off with a running nose or cough, turn into a massive headache and soon a fever would develop. I would go to the doc in a box to be given the diagnosis I know "Sinusitus here is Amoxi to take for 10 days. See you in a month or two." I could diagnose myself. Oddly enough it seemed fitting that it was I that pretty much diagnosed myself as having Lyme Disease before a doctor labeled me.

So flash forward to this year. I have been so actively healthy that I haven't had a treatable bout of sinus infection in well over a year. In fact, in the last 2 plus years the only way I've treated sinus infections were by an IV of Vitamin C plus other immune boosting vitamins. Now if I lived under a rock, I would assume that this case of "funk" was seasonal allergies that would turn into a sinusitis. However, I don't live under a rock. I live in a world of TV's, news stories and internet. I live in a world of people who talk about what they've seen on the news.

You might hear about how they have most recently chosen Rio as the Olympic site for 2016 instead of Chicago, or you might hear about celebrities deaths, or anything really. The thing that has most people in a panic though can be summed up in 2 words. SWINE FLU. Now they can change the name all they want .. H1N1 ... but still .. everyone calls it the SWINE FLU.

I've heard the following phrases in the last week:

My mother has Swine Flu (spoken by an adult)
I think I might have the Swine Flu (spoken by yet another adult)
I know 5 people at work that have the Swine Flu and they aren't connected (yet a different adult).

Those are just a random sampling of the thought that has been planted in my head.
Well I woke up yesterday with a random small sore throat. I had been sneezing the day before (which is my huge clue that something allergy is a brewing). I whole heartedly believe that I have a case of seasonal allergies, but ... the world is infected with SWINE FLU. If I go to the doc in the box and present with my symptoms (and in parathesis my rationale for why it's NOT the SWINE FLU

Runny and Stuffy Nose (which can be present in regular seasonal allergies)
Low Grade Fever (in my case is generally present in regular seasonal allergies)
Sore Throat (in my case is also always present in regular seasonal allergies)
Sore Body (well ... this generally only presents with the flu, but I have Lyme. All bets are off)
Chills (this is the ONLY one that has me worried that it could be MORE than allergies)
Headache (again ... always with seasonal allergies plus I have lyme headaches)

They are going to immediately think .. SWINE FLU. Get me in and out of there without a second guess of maybe it might be seasonal allergies.

Now ... there is a reasoning for this: ( I apologize in advance for such a bad joke, but ... it's true or so I think) My eyes ITCH like a prostitute that failed to get her exam after having relationships with multiple men. Oh that was SO bad.

On Thursday and Friday< I was sneezing really bad. My eyes began to itch. I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat (from drainage from my nose). As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. By the evening, I felt as if I probably had a fever. I do. It's low grade. I went to bed promising my husband that IF I felt worse in the morning I'd go to the doc in the box ... all b.c of the newsworthy aforementioned SWINE FLU has become the two words everyone is talking about lately. With my job .. I would endanger many if I had it. It better only BE seasonal allergies. Please Pray.

I woke up this morning with a higher fever (though it's still low for normal people ... it's high for me. my normal temp is 97 and this morning my fever was 99. So for a normal person with a 98.6 temp that would be like 100.6 temp) and with body aches. My nose is stuffy yet runny. My eyes are still itching and I have a headache.

I have 1/2 a mind to follow my hubby to the LLMD this morning and have him go in for a mask for me to protect all the other sicklies just so I can speak with my nurse about what the possibilities are that I actually have something other than seasonal allergies and whether I need to go to doc in a box (whom I've aptly named Dr. Terry Fied) for a rapid flu test (who knows maybe she can perform one, but I'm not sure if those rapid flu tests .. are onsight at the doc in the lyme land box). (and this is my last use of parenthesis)

Or who knows .. maybe she'll convince me to come in and take a big ole dose of Vitamin C (50 Grams flowing in an IV bag ... which would take 2 hours to find a vein if we were lucky and then another 3 hours to inffuse)

SO please pray:

1. That it's just seasonal allergies and not SWINE FLU
2. That if my nurse wants to give me an IV ... that she can find a vein easily and it won't blow
3. That I'll feel better by Monday b.c it's going to be a long long work day and I'd rather not miss.

** Update ** I did not go to my LLMD's office this morning. I slept through the time that my hubby left for his appointment. Good thing too because the only people that were there was one office staff and the IV giver (that's not a FNP or RN and she wouldn't be authorized to give me an IV since Dr. P wasn't there to confirm that it would be okay). So I'm glad I didn't drive up there. Everyone was at a Cancer Walk so pray for the walkers.

I'm just going to stay put, drink lots of fluids and take Tylenol to keep my fever down and Zyrtec to keep my allergies at bay. Hopefully it won't get worse.