Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cutting out four years

So today I cut out four years worth of hair. The last time I really got my hair cut was in 2005. I've had it trimmed since, but never a "real big" hair cut. So I took in a photo of me from 2005 and said that I needed a "new me" to go with the "new health." The reason I've not had my hair really cut since 2005 is because it stopped growing. In the last year, it has grown in major spurts.

So for your viewing pleasure: Pictures of the before and after. Sorry for the blurry before photo, but I was the only one able to take the picture and this was the best I could do.

Very Nervous (this was on Sunday afternoon .. photo courtesy of Missy)

Thursday February 26, 2009 5 am

Four years worth of torment in the floor. Look a small dog!

The Big Reveal!

And in getting rid of four years worth of hair ... I got rid of the ONE Antibiotic that knocked me on my Hind Parts. Just opening up the bottle brought back Nausea and almost made me vomit. So it is with pleasure I bring you a photo of me pouring it out! Good Bye Septra!


melody said...

cute! it looks really good :)

Jennifer said...

:o) Thanks Melody!