Sunday, February 15, 2009


So for those that don't know: I used to be in the Color Guard. In the fall, Color Guard members perform in the Marching Band. In the winter, we perform inside in the gym. Well it is appropriately enough called Winter Guard. My pictures aren't that great because in Winter Guard you aren't allowed to use flash photography for two reasons: It messes up the performers and it distracts the adjudicators (aka judges). I've been on the other end of flash photography and every time I took a picture I made sure the flash was OFF.

So I went to a Winter Guard show yesterday. On one hand, I had a blast. It was so relaxing sitting over here:

It was also nice to talk to old guard friends. I ran into so many people that I knew from when I was marching. It made me a bit sad that they were either still marching OR coaching. By sitting in the stands, it made me sad that I was unable to do this:

Tossing Sabres:

Spinning Flags:
BTW: This guard is called Assembly Line. They are a group of people that have graduated high school. This group has been "Assembled" since 1986. One member has marched every single year. I just love her. She's so sweet & funny. We got to talk at length yesterday. Another member is my best friend's sister. I could join if I wanted I'm sure, but with all my health problems over the last year it has been impossible. I sure do miss it though.

Tossing a Rifle:

Getting on the floor and dancing like this:

I even missed setting up and being asked "Is the Guard ready?"

I've been to several guard shows as a spectator and every time it gets a little easier, but how I just stare at the rifles and want to pick it up. How I really want to wear a cute and vibrant uniform and get in front of the crowd ... So much so that I almost put on THIS ... walk into the school and say "I'm here for the Chattahoochie Winterguard. Can you tell me where they are setting up?" just to see what the ladies at the front door would say!

Assembly Line's show last night courtesy of Greta Patterson

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