Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the season (pt 2)

At the end of one of my blogs I wrote this:

"So am I a wealthy person? Do I have the latest and greatest of things in my home? Compared to some that live in the area ... No I do not. Compared to others ... Yes I do. But am I wealthy? Do I have an abundance of things in my heart in which a price can not be determined? Yes I do. Can people (IE the bank) take these things from me? No they can't. I have a wealth of beautiful memories that no one can take. I have a wealth of friends, laughter, happiness, compassion and knowledge. So today ... I thank God that I am wealthy. My prayer is that all of you can be wealthy too."

I bolded one word that I'd like to mention today. I believe compassion has to be taught at an early age because compassion is engraved into your soul and heart. That's not something that I believe can be added much later in life. Are their exceptions to this rule? Sure there are, but I believe those are few and far between.

I belong to this forum for the small town where I live. On occasion, a member of the forum will post a need of member of the community (whether that family knows it or not). In the past, I have looked at these needs and wanted to do something. I truly felt a desire to alleviate their suffering. However something always gave way to not really be able to help in a manner that I thought sufficient. I thought if I can't do a huge gesture why do anything.

This year my goal was to make myself smile more and to do something extraordinary. I am so fortunate and so wealthy in so many ways. A few days ago, I heard about a family in our community. This family is a good Christian family that goes out of their way to help others in the community. In this last year, they have been hit with tragedy after tragedy and yet kept it hidden from most they knew.

Fortunately someone that knows them got wind of all of this and poured out a request that members of the forum help this family. Rob and I knew we had to do something. I won't share the specifics of what we are planning to do, but know that this family will now be able to keep their home. This is a family where the father must undergo Brain surgery on the 10th and both Mom and Dad lost their jobs. They have three children between the ages of 8 and 14. Their children know that Christmas can not happen this year. Until Tuesday, they thought their electricity would be turned off today. Until Tuesday, they thought they would be losing their home shortly.

The outpouring of love that the community has shown has been a bit overwhelming for this family. I know they appreciate every act of kindness no matter how large or small. I am so glad that I had the "wealth of compassion" to be able to share and while I give a gift to someone else ... it is they that gave me a gift. Please pray for this family. If you wish to lend a helping hand, contact me in the comment section and I can get you in touch with the person lining up the help for this family.

2 Corinthians 9:15

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.

Edited: I received word that their mortgage has been paid up through the end of December. What a blessing for this family.

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