Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 months ago

I've had my PICC line for five months today. I thought my PICC and I would only be together for a month or two. I've been to the hospital with it once and had several prescriptions written for it to be x-rayed. Fortunately I only had to go back to Rex the one time and they "fixed" the problem.

I am hoping to be able to end this PICC by my birthday, but who knows what God has in store. It's in January that I go for the Chelation Challenge. If my Chelation challenge shows that I have a lot of heavy metals, then I will need vein access more often than a regular IV can give. If my Chelation Challenge shows that I only have a little bit or no heavy metal toxicity, then I can give up my PICC.

I am content with either option as long as Priscilla the PICC stays happy. :)

*lost track of time* said 4 months originally, but DUH July 17 to December 17th is 5 months. (You might be a lymie if)

*tomorrow begins my 3 day post on Love.

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