Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love is (pt 3)

  • High School Lessons

* Love is falling in love with person you least expect and not saying a word until it is too late (10th grade)
* Love is playing a special song at the Skateeum just because you know your best friend loves it.
* Love is keeping someone alive (10th and 12th grade)
* Love is going around the long way around to classes just because you want to catch a glimpse of someone special.
* Love is not getting mad at someone when they puke on you.
* Love is liking someone no matter how they dress (IE Green Sweat Pants & Blue Glasses)

College Lessons

* Love is sending a card to someone. (freshmen year)
* Love is being the only person to show up at a friend's door step when they come home from college (freshmen year)
* Love is holding someone's hand during a seizure. (sophomore - what a funny looking word)
*Love is spending time with the one person that you like even though others don't (Junior Year)
* Love is walking someone back to their room on a daily basis even after you've broken up. (junior year)
* Love is giving hugs to someone you barely know because they are crying.
* Love is giving up the last cheese stick just because you know the other person loves cheese just as much as you do. (senior year)
* If you love someone, don't take them to Subway on a Sunday. (long story - fresh, soph and junior year lesson)
* True love is going to a wedding and realizing you can't spend the rest of your life with the guy you love. (junior year)
* Love is turning down a marriage proposal when you know your parents can't stand the guy (freshman year)
* Love is when your Dad sings a song that has the word "dumb" in it when your ex walks into the restaurant where you are eating on your 21st birthday with your new boyfriend and family. Because of said song, you all go into laughing fits that cause coughing fits that cause you to have to go to the bathroom with peeing fits where you have to walk right by said exboyfriend with new boyfriend in hand.
* Love is buying Real Talkin Bubba Bear late at night because it is the only thing that has made her laugh in days. Turn me right side up (panicked voice). That wasn't such a good idea> I still have Bubba btw in the closet. That day Rob kept asking me what would make me feel better. I insisted that only Bubba would help and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Well I don't know what time he went, but he left and went to go get Bubba and CCCDIC. When he returned ... I WAS ASLEEP. Better believe he woke my butt up. haa
* Love is going with the person you love to pick out fashionable glasses or at least some with a little more style than blue or purple frames. :)

Since College Lessons:

* Love is telling someone you love their haircut even when it looks ridiculous (and telling them ten years later that it looked something dreadful upon seeing a picture of said hairstyle).
* Love is flying your future cousin in law first class for the wedding knowing how important it was that she be there.
* Love is fighting with doctors to get a diagnosis other than "it's in her head."
* Love is sending a Christmas Tree to someone you don't know just because you know it will make her day.
* Love making phone calls to important people and telling them how much you love them.
* Love is pulling off a tag on an Angel Tree. Going to the store to buy a car seat for the child on the angel tree and when you go to another store you find the same car seat for much much cheaper ... instead of returning the first car seat .. going back to the Angel Tree and finding another tag that needs a Car Seat.
* Love is putting your life on the line to have a baby that God wants you to have (Nate & Tricia -- now that is love)
* Love is finding old friends and making them new again.
* Love is picking up a friend from a treatment and basically carrying them into their house because they can't walk straight.
* Love is Life; Life is Love; I love all of you reading this.

The Greatest Gift is LOVE.

For all my Love Lesson Teachers: I loved you then and I love you now. Not only for who you are, but for who I was when I was with you. I love you for teaching me so many love lessons.
I had no idea how much you all meant to me then. I do now. Please know that if I knew then what I know now, I would have shared so much more with you. I would have come out of my shell a little earlier and loved a lot more. For now all of you are the beneficiary of all my life lessons. And on one last note, as my friend from elementary school once said to me, "Love is wrapping your arms around another person's neck and not wanting to let go." I would wrap my arms around every single person I know and not let go. For that is truly what love is.

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