Wednesday, December 10, 2008

favorite things 2

My addictions: Part 2

I used to work in a retail store. While I was there, I met the most delightful woman. She was extremely sweet and made my transition to working at the store seamless. After we got to know each other, we found out that she had a daughter that was exactly one year older than me. We also discovered that her daughter & I had a lot in common. I also discovered that my new friend had cancer. I watched her go about her daily busy with little struggles. She wore a beautiful wig that I never would have guessed was a wig. I didn't even realize it until one day the wig was on my cash register.

Well we bought each other inspirational gifts. One time for my birthday she bought me a beautiful angel. It played the song You Light up my Life. It was perfect. I saved the card that she wrote on and displayed the angels beautifully on my DVD rack (another addiction of mine)
Well sadly in September a couple of years ago, my friend Eva lost her battle with cancer. I immediately had to do something for myself and for her daughter. I wanted to send her daughter a reminder of her mother so I got online and searched. I searched and searched until I found this:

Can you guess what this little beauties name is? Eva. Can you guess what else is important about this little beauty? A number of years ago, the woman that created these angels also had the same form of cancer as my friend Eva. She created a series for birth months. One of those was this one: September .. named Eva. Mine is a bit different than the one above, but it has the same sentiment. It says "May we never lose sight of what's really important to us. To love and be loved is the greatest Joy on Earth."

I bought two that day. I sent one to Eva's daughter to give to Eva's Granddaughter once she was old enough to understand how to care for such a delicate item. I also bought one for myself. With this second purchase of "Sarah's Angels," I became addicted to angels. I purchased 2 more Sarah's angels for myself and received last year another kind of beauty from my mother. Though I don't have a "full collection" of Angels ... they each hold a dear place in my heart.

I miss Eva so much and wish she could have been here to see me through this journey. She's in my heart and in the hearts of people that knew her though.


Missy Myers said...

Ah! What a great post! See.. I'm such a good friend I already knew about this favorite thing. I didn't know Eva wore a wig either until the day she came to work without it. I am so happy that I had those years at Belk. Smithfield was a very happy time in my life.

Jennifer said...

I miss Eva so much. I just want one more. One more moment, one more hug, one more story about her daughter/granddaughter, one more of everything. Is that too selfish?