Thursday, December 11, 2008

favorite things 3

Maybe I'll get a post with pictures of my favorite snowmen in the house. :)

It all started with a simple ornament purchased in 1999. It was the first Christmas after I graduated and before I married my husband. I can't find the exact ornament online, but it was a Snowbuddies ornament where the "huge snowbuddy" is holding a "small snowman." I thought it fit us and we bought it to go on our Christmas Tree. Thus begun the collection of snowmen.

Each year friends and family would add to the collection of snowmen. Until two years ago when Rob said 'ENOUGH WITH THE SNOWMEN ALREADY OUR HOUSE IS FULL.' I began to look around and realized that I had snowmen EVERYWHERE. Some are blue & white like the snowbuddies below, some are clear, some are the S'mores snowmen,, some are stuffed, some are on picture frames, some are on plates, some are on the fridge, some are the head of a cookie jar , and there are some filling the living room and kitchen. I even have one on the PORCH. :) I have a huge one that lights up that I received when I left one of my jobs and I even have one that has two addictions in one .. that's right .. I have a snowman that has UNC on it.

I love my snowmen and occasionally I'll get a gift involving a snowman. I can see my husband rolling his eyes, but he knows that my eyes light up every time I see one of these cute little things.


Renee said...

What fun! Besides snowmen .....We have a few churches ....metal, wood, glass,ceramic....
Love Christmas decorations

Jennifer said...

I leave my snowmen up from the day after Thanksgiving until march madness ends for basketball. I have a deal that any really really Chrismtasy looking snowmen go up early then the end of March madness (like sometime in January), but that the others ones can stay. Now two years ago, I was so sick that some of them just stayed up and were never put away. :) hee hee.