Monday, December 8, 2008

Guest Blog pt 2

I read this a bit ago and found it very interesting. So with permission from Renee (the author), I am going to copy it right here for all of my reader's (all 6 of you).

Spirochetes: The Internal Terrorists by Renee

While trying to rest this morning, I found myself thinking about a book I am reading on lyme disease. Some of the information is new to me and sobering to say the least. After reading about the spirochetes and their patterns, it came to me that the spirochetes are a lot like terrorists. I expect this analogy presented itself now because of the recent terrorist attacks in India.....

Terrorist's are patient~~ they methodically and systematically plan and execute their attacks hoping to cause horrible damage and destruction. They are able to hide in places where we cannot find them and adapt to a new environment. They are also very good at disguising themselves. Terrorists show no mercy and will kill any man, woman, child, or animals ~ whoever gets in their way. They have one focus...death and destruction. They are evil.

Everything I just wrote also describes the Lyme bacteria that lives inside of those of us with Lyme Disease. The spirochetes also are patient in their slow reproduction cycle. They systematically execute attacks on every area inside our bodies and cause horrible damage and destruction. Spirochetes are able to hide in places where we cannot find them and are very good at adpating inside our bodies. They are also good at disguising themselves and hiding from antibiotics and other treatments that try to search them out and destroy them. Spirochetes show us no mercy and will destroy any man, woman, child, or animal. They have one they keep reproducing inside of us their goal is to cause major damage and destruction. They can kill. They are evil!

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