Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 months ago

Here is my post from January 26, 2008

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Current mood: contemplative

I have spent this last year thinking about the transformation of my past to the person I have become. If you knew me back in the 90's, you know that I have changed quite a bit on both the inside and the outside. From my perspective, I was very unhappy with a lot of things on the outside which made me struggle with the emotions on my inside.

If my diagnosis had happened a few years ago, I would have quit my job and stayed at home to wallow in my misery. However, times have changed. While I have had days at the beginning where Lyme ruled my life, I made a decision a couple months ago to not let it overwhelm me anymore. As my 32nd birthday approaches, I realize that I don't want it to define me anymore. I don't want to be controlled by my feelings or my illness. I want to be Jennifer and that's all I have ever wanted. So this is the year. 2008 will be awesome. I will reconnect with those that I have lost and smile at least once a day!

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