Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

By the time you read this, my husband will have been completely shocked. Today we are headed to my parent's house after a short visit to the doctor's office. Seems like the last few years, we always go to my parent's on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day we go to my Aunt & Uncle's house. This year they are going to Holland for Christmas so we won't be going there on Christmas Day, but we will go there sometime during the Christmas season to visit my Grandfather.

Today is the day where about two months of planning has worked itself out so that my husband would be completely shocked.

So I got him a Wii. His face was priceless, but I was not able to capture the moment on the camera. We had a ball doing the Scavenger Hunt to find it. :o) These are the memories that I will cherish forever.

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