Monday, December 15, 2008

Pure Exhausted

Nothing much to say today except that I am pure exhausted. I stayed up way too late watching Survivor and Survivor Reunion show last night. I was ecstatic when Bob won not only the million dollars, but the Sprint Favorite Player $100,000 prize too.

Since my treatment on Saturday, I have noticed that I have a severe headache. I am sure it is just what we Lymies call a "die off reaction," but since I haven't had a massive headache since like July .. it is a bit depressing. :o( Pray that it ends quickly.

10 days till Christmas. :o) I will definately have to get up pictures of my decorations soon. Praise God that I was able to decorate this year. :=)

Good day to all and to all a good night. :}


Renee said...

Hi jennifer
Thanks for leaving me the info on your treatments. Wow. Sounds like it really takes it out of you. Who is the dr. you see?
We watched Surviver last night too and were glad to see Bob won. I slept in today because of being up late...for us it ended at 10:30pm
Hope you get some rest today!

Jennifer said...

I see a doctor in North Carolina. Don't want to share his name because well you know ... :D it's controversial treatment. NC medical board is harsh on our LLMD's. :D