Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite things

My addictions: I may end up writing other posts about addictions that I have, but for now this one little post will do.

This year I've already purchased 3 of them. And right now, I am wearing one of them. So comfy and warm and .. I just love them. I have different styles of them. If you look in my chest of drawers, there is a drawer dedicated just for these. I have a variety of colors, but mainly blue and pink.

Hi My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to Pajama Bottoms. Good news is that after about 2 or 3 years, the tops of the pants get all raveled and I *have* to get new ones. :) This year I bought 3 new ones and had to sadly throw away 3 of my favorites because they were pretty much destroyed. I wear them all year long. Right now I'm wearing a pink pair. I tried to find them online, but no such luck.

You may ask where the addiction comes from. Most Lymies can understand the need to be comfortable. So a few years ago, I requested pajama bottoms for Christmas. I received 2 or 3 from my parents, 2 or 3 from my husband, 2 or 3 from my Mother in Law, a pair or two from other people. Next thing I know I have a drawer full. I love each and every pair. I wear them when I'm at home and not going to go anywhere .. and also to sleep in. :) Here for your viewing pleasure is my latest purchase.


Renee said...

I love your pj bottoms! I love having soft pjs to wear...with neuropathy they need to be soft and with my reactions they cannot be polyester...:(
So I have flannel pants I wear with sweatshirts or tops and often by afternoon I am fully in my nightie with flannels under it during the winter. I soooooo get the need to be comfortable.
I do not have a drawer full, but I have a few and have asked for a new pair for Christma.
Such a fun post.

Jennifer said...

I got them an Old Navy. :)