Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nov 14, 2007

* I am awake and alive after my treatment yesterday. I did sleep through the worst of it. :) Praise God for that. I've taken a few little naps today and gotten some laundry done. I am still having major ear problems, some body swelling, some muscle twitches, some bad headaches, but other than that ... doing pretty good.

*Regularly scheduled post may commence now*

Exactly 13 months ago: this is how I was feeling. I can't believe how much things have changed in 13 months. I am so glad I was feeling ready to take control, but hard to believe that it took 6 months to actually take control after this was posted in Nov. 07.

Health Update Part Deux
Current mood: drained

It's a little disappointing and discouraging to find out instead of marching forward in this fight against tick borne illnesses, I am marching backwards. I've done my crying and now it's time to do my fighting. I will beat this thing and I will not let it take control of my life anymore. Don't quote me on that though because my "mood" might change quickly.

The short version is that I am going on two additional antibiotics while removing one of the antibiotics that I have been taking. I will also add a few supplements that should aid in rising my cortisol levels which are extremely low. The probability that someone with Lyme Disease has other tick borne illnesses are extremely high. I knew that already. Now I have been clinically diagnosed with Babesia and the new antibiotics I have been told are geared to treat Bartonella. So that's the short version.

I talked to three people yesterday after I found out all of this. Two were saying "You can do this" and the third spent two hours on AIM making me laugh just so that I could forget about the diagnosis for while. I thank all three of you because if it weren't for the three of you ... I would not be smiling right now.


Renee said...

Jennifer, What is the AMT you are using? Are you on Zithromax for Barts or something else?
Glad you are feeling better
With thoughts of you today.

Jennifer said...

I posted a comment to you on your blog with links to the blogs I wrote that will explain what I'm doing.