Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 12 and personal request for a dear friend

On day 12 of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, I come to you with a different agenda.  This agenda is to help a great friend of mine.  We met through circumstances of Lyme Disease.  Although we hate we have the disease, we love that it has meshed our lives together and we will be life long friends.  
My friend --- Sarah --- I've mentioned her before when I went to her High School Graduation.   When I first "met" Sarah, it was in a huge Face Book Lyme Group.  She began to talk to me and she was quite young so I asked her to get her Mom's permission before talking with me.  Her Mom was thrilled because I was giving her nutritional recommendations and suggestions what things to try to eat.  We became fast friends and when we visited her in South Carolina her family welcomed us with open arms and we became friends for life.  
Sarah has been sick for some time, not only with Lyme, but she was born with Chiari Malformation.  Sarah has been having a lot of complications and in order to help her a surgeon wants her to go all the way from South Carolina to Colorado to have an operation.  She must stay in Colorado for a month.  She never asks for anything, but she needs our help and a friend of ours has set up a fundraiser for Sarah so that she can have this much needed operation.  
Donate if you can, but also please pass the word about my friend to others so they can have the opportunity to donate to my precious friend Sarah.  Sarah, I love you girl


Krystal J. said...

(just FYI, the link u posted just brought up your blog again. I had to type in the address to get to the page)

Jennifer said...

Thanks. I fixed it. I realized it before I saw your comment.