Friday, May 18, 2012

This IS the day!

Last night was like Christmas Eve as a child. I fell asleep and an hour later I woke. I woke up every hour on the hour until just couldn't take it anymore.  I got out of bed at 5am. Many emotions are running through me.


I suspect that this morning will go by very slowly.  At 9:15, I am to meet the builder and the realtor at the new house.  We will do a quick walk through to make sure they fixed the things they were supposed to this week.  Most of it included paint touch up, but the vinyl in the bathroom needed to be fixed and there was a small crack in one of the tiles that needed replacing and the grout in the kitchen tiles was varying in color.

All of the things were quick fixes and it was all indoor jobs that needed to be done (it's rained every day since Monday) so weather shouldn't have affected the ability to do these jobs.

Then, I go over to the lawyers office and meet up with our finance guy and our realtor.  Thank Goodness there will be two familiar faces there.  I am doing this all on my own.  This is quite the change. My husband typically does everything, but our realtor made a mistake by not asking the builders if we could do a walk through earlier so we could close on the 14th.  So, they worked their magic.  I am power of attorney to be able to sign for my husband since my husband has to be at work today.  I will sign all of his paperwork and all of mine.  Double signature duty.  The finance guy thinks we'll be done and funded by 11:15.

I want to begin bringing a few boxes over to the house because it won't feel like our home until we have some of our stuff in it.  When my husband gets home, we want to bring the dog over.  He's been acting strangely since we started packing and he had no idea what's about to happen.  I think once he sees all the windows and the fenced in backyard, he's going to be in doggy heaven.   Our other dog won't have an issue.  She's not been phased one bit by the boxes.  We wanted to take them both out earlier, but were told we couldn't bring them to the house until we owned the house.  I understand that, but it would have been nice to at least bring them to the backyard so they could see it.  But what the hay -- it is what it is.

This is the day we've been waiting for.  The day we have the ability to get out of this subdivision and into a new one.  We have a lot to do over the next 48 hours.  We have help coming over tomorrow which will be delightful.  So far we have a few neighbors helping, a former neighbor and his son, one of my close friends from High School -- and I'm sure there will be others that I'm not thinking of.  Then in the afternoon, my parents will come over to help us unpack some things. 

 We may be without internet for a while until we can get everything set up.  So those of you that know me in person will need to call me on my cell instead of emailing.  

We need a few prayers spoken on our behalf.

1.  Please pray I can remain healthy during this moving process.  I was exposed to someone with Mono this past week.  That makes me nervous.

2.  Please pray that on the behalf of all the men that will be helping us tomorrow.  Their help means more to me than words can express.

3.   Please pray that everything goes smoothly today.

4.  Pray that we can decide whether to sleep in our  new home tonight (which would mean carrying our bedroom stuff today by ourselves) or to remain in our old home one more night.

5.  Pray for the dogs.

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