Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad is having a birthday today and I got the present!

We ordered a U-haul for moving on Saturday.  We heavily considered just huffing it and loading up the pick up truck over and over again, but after we weighed the pros and cons we decided to get a U-Haul.  Well, they just called.  The person that has the truck we are renting is keeping it longer than they anticipated.  Therefore, we are getting a free upgrade.

We rented a 17 foot truck and they are giving us a 26 foot truck because of the error.  They asked, "Is that okay with you guys?"  Yeah like I was going to say no ... it will take less trips back and forth which means it will be cheaper for us.  I think we'll take the free upgrade thank you very much!

Tomorrow we close on the house.  Saturday we move all of our stuff.

Back to Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad.  Glad I got your Good Birthday JuJu today. 

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