Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Zithromax Beginning

So as you all know, I was feeling rather unwell this past week.   I went to Target Pharmacy to pick up my Zithromax on the 24th.  This should not have been a problem as I had gone in on the 22nd to make sure they had the medications that I would be filling on the 1st.  They assured me that they did and even if they didn't have for a full fill -- that they would have enough for a partial fill. 

So when I started feeling extra crummy and then extremely crummy on the 23rd and 24th, I marched into Target that afternoon with full intention of picking up Zithromax.  I tell them what I want and head on to shop around when all the sudden I hear, "Would Jennifer ______ come to the pharmacy.?" 

Now as much as I'm in Target (at least once or twice a week), I have NEVER heard an over announcement for anything.   My hubby & I looked at each other and one of us said, "That can't be good."  We made a bee line for the pharmacy and the pharmacist made her way over.  She explained that they didn't have it  right now.   It took every ounce of me not to cry, scream, cough or vomit.  Yeah have I mentioned that by this point I was coughing so hard that I was vomiting?  NOT COOL. 

I asked for a simple partial fill (knowing that is a typical response to my medication fills and that if they had enough for a partial fill, they would have done so).  They simply didn't have enough in the milligrams prescribed to even send me home for a dose much less 3 days.  I took a deep breath and was told to come back the next day. It was that night that I got sick --- really sick --- if I had started the antibiotics earlier, I wouldn't have gotten that sick sick. 

I picked up the next day.  That visit also made me mad and I kind of showed it a bit.  They had it you see --- and the last time I was on Zithromax, they sent me home with bottles to mix myself.  The thing about liquid antibiotics is that they expire very quickly.  They expire within 10 days of mixing them.  So they mixed for the first 10 days and send me home with the rest of the month and explained how to mix them to my husband.  Then said I could come back if I had any problems.

Well ---- they decided they couldn't do that!  (Now goodness if I were on a 5 days on 2 days off repeat regiment, I'd be royally screwed)  So they send me home with my 10 day supply and told me I had to come back for the second part and then the third part. Well we are in and out of target enough that it shouldn't be a problem, but I told them that if they gave away my medication to someone else, there would be a huge problem.They showed me my 2nd and 3rd bags and assured me that I would have my medications on time without missing any.

Well I start a new medication (another liquid antibiotic) and if I also have to go in every 10 days for that one ---- and the 10 days are different than the Zithromax, I'm going to be hot!  Because not only do I have to call a day or two before hand (which is at day 8), they can't mix them until I arrive at the store.

How on earth am I going to remember to do that for three different medications?  that would be 9 phone calls on day "8, 16, 24" and pick ups on day 10, 20 and 30. That's visiting Target Pharmacy 9 days out of the month that I'm dealing with target pharmacy when I *could* be mixing it up my own and only having to go to.  18 out of 30 (31) days of dealing with pharmacy.  That doesn't include the 4th one of Doxy so drop in an extra phone call and pick up.  20 out of 30 days.  Seriously.  Just give me my powder and let me mix it.  The directions are ON THE BOX. 

Hit bottle on counter top to mix up powder
Add 15 ML of water.
Shake well
Put in Fridge.

I think I can do that!  Seriously.  I've done it before.  Many Many times and then the Zithromax is fresh every 2 days. I remember having this problem at the very beginning of my treatments and by the end oft he first month, they were so annoyed with me --- well they realized how many times I was there in the month) that they suggested me taking home the powder to mix myself. 


I think I'm just worried about taking Mepron and I'm taking it out on the Zithromax. 

PS. I'm getting an IV today.  while I'm on my monthly and while I"ve been sick.  My veins are probably going to be shot.  I avoid IV's during "that time of the month" because my veins are always worse.  But I wasn't thinking when I scheduled it.

PPS.  Under Our Skin Screening is on Thursday and I'm so excited.  I hope that my cough is gone and that my voice is back.  Yes, I've had laryngitis. 


Jennifer Draper said...

Zithromax works. I see a lot of websites stating that bronchitis is usually caused by a virus. The fact is, that although the triggering mechanism that brought on the bronchitis may be a virus, a secondary infection of bacteria is common. My entire family had bronchitis for several weeks. Zithromax will get rid of it in most cases. Don't believe the nonsense that you don't need antibiotics- after a couple of weeks of this, go get some Zithromax. It works!

Jennifer said...

Jennifer - This was a year and a half ago - :) I got my medicine. AND by the next visit, they "allowed" me to take home the rest to mix myself.

Funny enough I forgot about this incident. I was SICK SICK on top of the Lyme sick. Not cool.