Sunday, May 13, 2012

My friend Sarah

Mother's Day.  Where would we all be without our Mother's?  I have some friends that will be going through their first Mother's Day without their Moms.  Please think of them as this day will be tough for them.  I'm thinking of my friend Jaime, so if you guys could really pray for Jaime as she has really really had a tough go of it lately, she would REALLY appreciate it.

My Mom.  Whoever would I be without my Mom?  I am 1/4 part of my Mom, 1/4 part of my Dad and then I'm myself.  I think as we get older the part of ourselves get to be a bigger percentage, but the things we like -- the things we don't like --- I think they are all molded by our Mom's.

Rob & I were walking in a furniture store looking at bar stools for our kitchen counter.  For the first time in my adult life, we'll have a kitchen counter that allows for bar stools.  Well, I am trying to find --- tall swirly bar stools.  Rob says that we might have to give up our search for swivel and we might have to just get plain ole stools.  Well while I may have to settle, I *really* want bar stools that I can sit up high and swirl in!  It takes me back to my youth when I crawled up into my Granny's bar stools and swirled.  So I would *really* like to get some.  I have them in my head, but the only ones we have found are so expensive that there is no way we will be getting them anytime soon so we'll wait until we find the ones we either settle on or have the money to buy.

Speaking of youth and money ---  (like that segway?)

I want to tell you a little more about my friend Sarah and her MOTHER --

Sarah and I have been friends since almost the beginning of my Lyme Diagnosis. She was 16 or 17 when we "MET" online.  Sarah has Lyme Disease.  As if that isn't bad enough, the ticks have given her Babesia and Bartonella.  As if that weren't enough, let's throw into the mix several other diseases. She has Hashimoto's Thryoid Disease, Tachybrady-Cardia, POTS syndrome, Gastroparesis, Poly-neuropathy, degernative disk disorder, nerve damage to the vagus nerve and also Chiari Malformation. 

She has constant pain and is non-responsive to pain medicine.  She gets no relief from her symptoms.  She has severe chronic fatigue and severe insomnia.  She has seizures, tremors, muscle spasm, memory loss, brain fog, dyslexia, fevers, migraines, severe light sensitivity, sound & vibration sensitivity, temporary paralysis in lower extremities. 

Sarah is a strong warrior and so is her Mom. Sarah wanted to move out on her own when she became an adult and her Mom let her.  That is strength to let your child, one who is very sick, move out on her own when everything inside of you is screaming to not let her leave.  Sarah has an amazing outlook on life considering everything she's been through.  She wants everyone to pray for OTHER people. She wants others to receive healing, relief and understanding. In 2009, she told me, "So to all my fellow Lymies, Keep fighting, for you are all stronger than you know! You all inspire me in your own way, and I thank you for making me laugh when I wanted to cry, and complaining with me when I needed to vent. :)"

Yesterday I posted a link to her surgery fund. This surgery is to help her with her Chiari Malformation symptoms. If I'm not mistaken, Chiari Malformation is something that people are born with, but it was only diagnosed in 2009.  This surgery for Sarah is hopeful to be a life changing event.  Sarah and her Mom must drive to Colorado from South Carolina. Sarah can no longer fly due to her seizures.  They must rent a van and stay in Colorado for a month while she has this surgery.  Her surgery is scheduled to take place at the end of June.

Sarah will be having something called Decompression Surgery.  This is where they will remove the bottom part of the back of her skull and the doctors will press her brain back up into her head.  If this line just made you say "OW,"  please consider donating two things. First, please donate your prayers.  This is quite a serious surgery.  Not to mention, for them to have a safe drive, etc.    Sarah and her Mom will have to pay out of pocket expenses related to this surgery.  Please help them by donating for Sarah's Chiari Surgery.  Please help her alleviate some of the pain she has on a daily basis by helping them.  Thank you so much. 

Sarah shows everyone her love all of the time.  Now is the time for us to show her that we love her.  Thanks to everyone.


mmjnkkb said...

Thanks you, Jennifer! That was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

Glad I found your blog. I too suffer from lyme and hashimotos so my heart went out to your friend Sarah. I could not imagine if my son was going through anything like that, especially not being able to get her pain under control. I will be praying for her and asking the Lord to heal her. She sure is a trooper, but I know how hard it is to endure pain every day.

I would love it if you would write about Sarah and what she means to you on my blog. My blog is a sisterhood where woman can go and write about what or who inspires them. A tribute to Sarah would be most fitting. You can send me what you write and I will add it on. If you have a photo of her to add, I can do that too. Also, please include about the surgery fund. God bless you Jennifer. Your a good friend. Farfalla B