Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Lymo - the one about teasing

Today is the 5th day of Lyme Awareness Month. The other day I said that I feel like I am in Lyme Tyme Land all of the time.  I eat, breathe, sleep, talk, email, facebook, blog Lyme Disease.  It's Lyme Tyme all the time.

Today, I'm going to a wedding.  I bet I'll get asked at least once while I'm there about Lyme Disease.  I'm the Lyme Lady!  People sometimes make fun of me either straight to my face of behind my back because I carry information with me about Lyme all the time.  But in the end, I'm the first one they call to ask a tick related question.  I'm the first one they think about when someone they know or loves gets diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  I'm the first one they think about when someone they know or loves finds a tick on themselves in the middle of the night.  I'm the first one they want to talk to because they know I'll know the answer.

Yesterday a friend from work called. This friend does not make fun of me.  This friend has watched the documentary Under Our Skin.  This friend found a tick on her significant other's back and knew enough from me to remove the tick carefully and clean her SO's back thoroughly.  Then, the next day she sent me a message asking me to call her.  I did.  She described the tick.  I calmly told her it was more than likely a Lone Star tick, which are popular in NC.  I reminded her of the tick removal procedures and some of the symptoms he should watch out for over the next few days.  I encouraged her to take him to the doctor, but also don't want to cause panic.  He has an appointment anyways on Monday so they should bring up the tick bite and any unusual symptoms.  I told her about the tick having numbing agents.  These are things that just rolled right off my tongue and I didn't have to think twice about any of them.

However, thanks to Lyme Disease Association --- I have a handy dandy tick card.  I will share with you that website later in the month.  But, I wanted you to know that ... while we may made fun of for being in Lyme Tyme Land all the time --- we are the first one you think of when you find a tick.  And if being made fun of for a few minutes because I carry these cards all the time is the price I have to pay to help you in your time of need and to save you a life time of illness --- then it is well worth it.  Keep on teasing.  Keep on making fun.  I'll take it.  And then when you need somebody, you need somebody that knows what you need to know, call me.  I'll answer your questions and then when I get off the phone --- I will breathe a sign of relief that your teasing caused you to remember the person to call in  your time of need and then pray for you or your family member that the tick that got you won't be as bad as the tick that got me.

Thanks for reading.  

**** Now onto today's scheduled post:

Dr. Jemsek is one of the world's renowned LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor).  Here is his speech in which he "speaks the truth" about Lyme Disease at the "In the Light Lyme Disease Gala in Charlotte NC.  Before Lyme became endemic in the area, he was a specialist (and still is) in HIV/AIDS. He may have been the first ot recognize HIV/AIDS in NC and then LYME Disease.  Since he was "evicted" from his medical practice in Charlotte, he moved to South Carolina.  He was "asked to leave" and he now has a practice in DC where he treats Lyme patients from all over the world.  Please take the time to listen to Dr. J speak the truth. Dr. J discusses the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease and what action needs to be taken to provide patients with better care.  He compares Lyme to HIV/AIDS.  He talks about doctors that quit on patients.

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