Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IV Day

I have a love hate relationship with IV days.  I hate having to get stuck (twice).  Today was a two stick kind of day.

However, I love the company.  I got there and met two new friends (everyone is a friend --- I know no strangers, just friends I haven't met yet).  I talked and talked the entire IV.  Usually I fall asleep around the 2 hour mark, but today --- because I haven't been able to be around any people over the last few weeks, I talked and talked and talked.  We all commiserated over our Lyme life.

I invited them all to the screening on Thursday.

I stayed and talked after my IV was through.  Today it took exactly 3 hours.  Usually it takes longer.  So I was pleased about that.  I know I was dehydrated because usually I have to go to the bathroom 3 or 4 times during my IV.  Today, I didn't have to go at all.  I only went once during the entire time I was there and that was about 30 minutes after I finished with the IV and I've only gone once since I've returned home.  That's what Zith does to me.

On another note ---

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day.  First hanging out with Friend A, then going to the lawyers to sign for our house being sold and then hanging out with Friend B.  So pumped about tomorrow.  Then Thursday night, we have the screening for the documentary Under Our Skin.  Pumped about that too.  Very excited.  Then, Friday --- I start Mepron.  Scared, very scared.  Will live though.

Well, I'm tired.  I'm taking Zith and hitting the bed.

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