Sunday, May 27, 2012

The one about the Massager

My husband and I went shopping a few years ago.  I sat in this chair that had a back massage mat.  I was in heaven.  It massaged the back and the shoulders and had heat. I sat in the chair every time we went to the store.  It was much too expensive so we never picked one up.  He surprised me with this beauty on Christmas that year.  Our old house was not set up appropriately for me to use the back massage seat.  I used it once and sadly it was too cumbersome for me to use it again.

Fast forward 2 and 1/2 years.  We move to the new house and yesterday we went on the hunt for a computer chair.  In our old home, my computer was set up in front of the futon (that we used as our couch).  Our need for a computer chair for me was non existent.  We went into an office store and I tried out a few chairs, but all of them were way out of our price range.  Then I sat in one that screamed my name.  It was dark brown for one and had a tall back and was comfortable.  There was no price tag.  In general if we have to ask, it's too much.

Sales associate pops over after a bit (after hearing us chuckle about the UGLY white computer chair with bright chrome accents) and we ask him how much it was.  It was just the right price!  So we brought that bad boy home.  Afterwards, we went to our old house and picked up the massage mat.  *sigh*  Oh the joy.  I have been using that bad boy off and on all day.

It can massage the back.  You can choose the lower back, upper back or both.  You can choose a rolling  or a shiatsu motion.You can vary the width in which it rolls.  Then there is a shoulder option.  You can adjust the height of the shoulder massage so it hits in just the right spot.  Then, there is the heat option.  You can choose to use the heat or not.  There is also a "Demo" button so it will do a variety of things.

Perfect for the after move soreness.

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