Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Funny True Story (surgery)

Sometime after I got married, I had a scare.  I was performing a self breast exam and felt a lump.  The lump moved from my breast to my throat to my stomach.  My doctor sent me for an ultrasound and when the results came back, she sent me to a surgeon.  She wanted a surgeon to look at the ultrasound results that was used to handling this kind of thing.

So off I went with my  ultrasound picture and together we decided to go ahead and remove the lump.  And since I was already going to be under anesthesia,  she was going to remove a questionable birth mark.  Having both of these concerning issues at the same time put my mind at ease.  So, we go in for the surgery.  I have the surgery and then I'm put in post op.  I have very little memory of this with the exception of one incident which makes me laugh to this day.

So the surgeon comes back to post op to check on me.  I groggily ask her how things went and she responded to me, "It was much bigger than I anticipated."

To which I responded, "my boobs or the lump?"  (for the record, it was my birth mark that was bigger than she thought it was)

:)  Leave it to me to make a joke.  I believe this was the same visit where I joked with the anesthesiologist asking if HIS name was Anna ... you know Anna Thesia.   Although that could have been my gallbladder removal surgery.

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