Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Unwell

On top of the side effects of Lyme Disease and Co-infections, I am sick.  I'm not sure what ailment plagues me this week.  I keep getting different things.  If I had to put a name to it, I'd either say I have a case of Influenza, Sinus Infection or the dreaded Mono (I was exposed a week ago).

Yesterday was awful.  Two days ago, I would have sworn it was mono. Yesterday morning, I was sore it was a sinus infection.  By last night, I'm sure I have some strain of influenza.  Who knows what I have, all I know is that my fever is finally gone.

I've pretty much been on Tylenol since Monday due to pain so until I stopped taking it due to the pain going away, I didn't have a fever. Well yesterday afternoon the fever hit and it hit hard.  Every hour it went up a full degree.  By the end of my favorite show (SYTYCD -- which is back yeah!), my temp had reached 101.6 and by midnight it was almost 103. This was even with Tylenol.  I finally fell asleep at some point and when I woke up this morning, I felt cool.  My temp was back down to 98.6 (which is still high for me, but compared to 102.5, I'll take it!).

House progress:

We removed the two undesirable light fixtures in the master bathroom and replaced them with pretty ones courtesy of Lowe's.    Now instead of two -two light fixtures, we have two  three light fixtures.  And, it matches our beach theme.  We had one of these at our old house, except we only used one 4 light fixture. 

We tried to buy a new ceiling fan for our bedroom and our general theory is to go big or go home so when we saw a 70 inch ceiling fan --- in our general style we bought it.  Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll   It would have worked, but there were several things we didn't like about it so we decided to take it back to the store.  Oh well.  What we have works for now.

We found four great blinds in the clearance section that we loved so we brought them home.  We pulled them out and two didn't have brackets and the other two didn't match in color.  Fantastic.  So we took the two without brackets back and found two more of the blinds we wanted at the other location.  We brought those home and finally had a matching set.  So we now have beautiful blinds in my office.  I jokingly call it my Lyme Advocacy Office.

The blinds kind of look like this (courtesy of lowe's website):

Next thing on our list is to replace the covers in the bathroom with some bronze colored covers and brown decorative switches & outlets.

Our goal is to make this house a home and not just a place we rest our heads at night. 

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