Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Big Move (and #800)

I call it the big move, but not because of the distance.  I *know* God had a hand in every single aspect of our move.  From the very first moment we walked into the house to the moment I put the very first key in the very first lost ---  God had a hand in it all.

I absolutely do not like change.  I think change is horrible and I avoid it at all cost, even if it means I'm miserable.  So every single time my husband mentioned moving, I quickly changed the subject and kept on going.  I knew deep in my soul that me *wanting* to physically pack up every single item in our home and uproot it to another home would have to have divine intervention.

And God spoke very clearly the moment I walked into the home for the first time.  It couldn't have been clearer even though there was no big flashing sign written on the walls.  Not only did the financial aspect fall into place much quicker than anyone anticipated (honestly we were told when we first asked that August was the absolute earliest and there was no way that a spring move in date would be an option), but everything fell into place.  We took a chance by packing up 20 or so boxes before we even got the pre-finance approval.

Friday, I signed the paperwork and then I drove back to our old house to make a few phone calls.  After all, we needed power and utilities to be transferred in our name.  Then, I drove over to the new house.  In order to unlock the doors, I had to place 6 keys in each lock, lock & unlock several times each.  There were 6 locks, 6 keys for a total of 36 key turns (but times that by 3 because each one had to be done 3 times). 

Then I brought in some boxes.  My friend, Beth, came over to give me something, but she stayed to help unpack a few boxes.  Honestly, the first day was a blur.

The next morning, I woke in a world of pain.  To be honest, I'm still in a world of pain.  But I will push through.

My husband and I went out to eat breakfast bright and early and picked up some biscuits for our early morning helpers. We were expecting quite a crew and we decided that my high school friend Jeff & I would return to the new house to unpack the boxes my husband and I had brought over the night before.  Jeff arrived bright & early at 8:15 and off we went.  We had been unpacking for about 30 minutes wehn my husband sent word that no one had arrived to help.  Not a single person.  This was very unlike the two people that had said they would be there at 8:30 at the latest.  We were worried.  Shortly there after a neighbor came to help.  Then, we received the call for us to come back home because our friends still had not arrived (found out later, they thought we were moving in June).

Jeff & I trucked our way back to the house and began to unload.  We were hopeful to return back to the house sometime by 12:30 to 1.  My parents showed up around that time with pizza.  We all enjoyed the food and got to work unloading the truck.  Then while we were unloading, my husband and our neighbor Mike went to get the rest of the big stuff from the house.

At some point during the day, my husband brings over an envelope.  To say this envelope was a gift would be an understatement.  I had been given some furniture from my Grandfather shortly before he passed away.  We had cleaned this furniture a multitude of times when we got it, but somehow something was in the dresser that we had never seen.  I have no doubt it was God's intervention letting us know that everything was going to be alright.

In the envelope were pictures that my Great Uncle had sent my Grandfather.  There were 4 altogether and a letter.  3 of them were copies of pictures from the 1920's and 1940's and one was from 1984.  It was amazing to say the least and they were in perfect condition.  I cried. Of course.

Then, another surprise.  My friend painted me something spectacular.  She's an artist and I had asked her if she would paint me something special. What she came up with was so extraordinary, but --- I had not noticed that on the back she had written something just for me.  That made me cry too.  Of course.

Until today, I pretty much didn't stop.  Moving, moving, cleaning, moving, cleaning, moving.  I decided today was a "me" day so I spent 4 hours with a friend of mine.  It was nice to sit in a house without boxes. ;)

I still don't have internet, but managed to find a space to write a blog because I didn't want to forget the little moments of God's intervention for me.  If I had seen my friend's inscription on another day, it wouldn't have had the same meaning.

On a side note.  Please pray for me.  I am not feeling so well.  In fact, today I do feel down right awful.  I was hoping it was just that I had been doing too much and needed a down time day, but I feel quite feverish and unwell.  I begin my antibiotic regiment on June 1st.  Mepron is one of those.  I think Babesia is starting to kick my tail feathers and it's time that I start plucking those tail feathers one at a time.

Ps too ... found a tick on my husband yesterday morning, yes the Lyme kind of tick.  Fortunately he's on Doxy for pnuemnonia so hopefully it will kick out any infections the tick might have had.

PPS:  This was my 800th post!

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