Monday, May 14, 2012

Lyme & Moving

On April 18th, I posted a message about how home hunting mission and how God was a huge part of everything that had happened so quickly.

March 23rd - close on refinance
March 24th - look at home in big city near work
March 25th - see dream home in current city
During week of March 25th - contact lenders and find out how they can help.
March 31st - go back to home to see if still have same feeling
April 1st - give earnest money check
April 3rd - email with "bad" news, but we overcome challenge to have our meeting
April 4th - meeting and give paperwork
April 7th - go see house again
April 11th - paperwork is sent to the lenders and underwriters
April 17th - send email to check on status
April 18th - given approval and closure date of May 14th

Shortly after posting this, we were given notice that our closure date would NOT happen on May 14th because of some reason or another.  We were VERY upset about it, but there was nothing we could do.  A new date of May 21st was given.  However, the reason we needed to close on the 14th, 15th or 16th was because of Rob having classes at work including May 21st.

Well, we pushed and pushed and pushed.  And a few things happened. 

First thing that happened was I was given Power of Attorney so that I could sign for my husband on the 21st.  The second thing that happened was that we went through a "pre" walk through with our realtor and she told the builder the "big things" on our there are these things we would like for you to fix list.  One thing that concerned us was getting help for the "big move."  We knew that there was pretty much one day that everyone could help us and the other days we'd pretty much be on our own.   So we pushed.  Well, we didn't close today on the 14th --- but we will close on Friday the 18th. 

Every chance we got from March 25th until last weekend, we went to see the house.  We wanted to see if they had improved the things on our punch list.  Slowly things were fixed.  One weekend while we were there, the flooring guy came by.  One of the HUGE big things on our list was in regards to the flooring in the kitchen area.  When you stepped onto this particular portion of the flooring, it sunk.  It meant something was wrong and after looking at it several times we knew that the concrete under it had a hump.  Now several things *could* be done to fix it, but really there was only one thing that could be done to fix it RIGHT. 

Well, the flooring guy happened to stop in while we were there. We discussed the two options and weighed in on which we preferred (obviously the RIGHT way).  Well last Saturday, we stopped in and went over to the area not thinking anything would have been done yet.  Well, we were surprised - and not in a good way.  The fix was terrible.  I almost cried it was so badly done and Rob was angry.  It was so bad that we didn't go back the next day which was the last time we could go because the realtors were moving all of their open house stuff out.  We decided that we would just wait and stew.  I thought about it and thought that if the builders were decent human beings at all --- that this fix would not be acceptable to them. 

So we get there today to do our walk through of the house with the builder.  I held my breath and walked over to the spot.  Much to our great surprise, they had fixed the spot CORRECTLY without us telling them about our complaint.  The thing is --- if the flooring people had fixed it the way they said they were going to --- they wouldn't have had to fixed it a second time.  However, that doesn't matter now.  It is fixed properly, but we will be placing a level on it when we move in to make sure that it is correct. 

So on Friday the 18th, I'll meet with the builder again and then head to the lawyer to sign all the paper work.  On Saturday the 19th, we'll move in. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are blessed with wonderful friends and family. 

We have a slew of people coming over bright and early Saturday morning to help us load and unload the uhaul truck.  This will be the portion that I will struggle with so it's a good thing we have people that are willing and abled body that can help.  Then in the afternoon my family will come over and help us unpack boxes that have made it over to the new house. 

Have I mentioned I'm excited about having a room for a Lyme Advocacy Office? Maybe I should name it "Lyme Management Advocacy Office"  (GET IT??? LMAO chuckling at my own cleverness).

Yes, we are excited! 

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