Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Small Update

I've not heard anything from the doctors, but I hadn't expected to as most Mondays they are closed.

I began the .5mg regiment of LDN on Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling feverish. Often times when I feel feverish, I'm not actually running a fever. I feel swollen and hot. Sometimes there's a reason (like if the air got set on 80 accidentally because I was freezing cold the night before) and other times it's just that I feel extremely hot. In any case, I woke up Sunday morning feeling feverish with a 98.2 temp. I usually sit around 97 something so while 98.2 isn't high it was higher than my typical temp. I also woke up with a sore throat that lasted 2 hours. No biggie, but still annoying. I had one of my bumps on the area formerally known as the picc line site and by noon I was feeling okay.

Sunday Night, per dr's order, I didn't take the .5mg. Instead I had a night of rest. Monday I woke up with another bump and had shoulder pain the majority of the day. I woke up this morning without shoulder pain so that's good. Monday night, I took another dose of .5mg. It did give me one nightmare that woke me briefly, but I really don't even remember what it was. So that's good too. Usually I remember most of my dreams.

Tonight I'm heading to see a screening of Under Our Skin. So stoked to see it with other Lymies. Have a good one ya'll.

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