Saturday, June 26, 2010

emotions seeping out

Last night I laid down to go to sleep. As I was there just waiting for my eyes to close, my brain to stop thinking and my body to rest, it happened. First one drop and then two drops and then a full stream. Moisture seeped from my eyes down my cheeks bypassing my ears and onto the pillow.

I guess sometimes it happened irregardless of how strong I am. Last night I felt broken. Everything seemed to go wrong yesterday. My computer broke (thanks to my handy dandy husband it's now working) and my Garmin broke (though my handy dandy husband tried most of the night, it's still not working right) and there were several other emotional things weighing me down.

Today I am going to see my family. Not just my immediate family, but my entire family. The last time I saw most of this family it was for my Grand daddy's funeral. I'll be honest (when am I not) that it hurts. I remember the first event after my Granny's funeral. It was all I could do to pull myself together to even go. I did not want to go. I couldn't see how people could celebrate one event when my very special Granny had just passed away.

My how have I grown. I really *want* to go today. I'm just afraid of emotions seeping out. Fortunately, I'll be in really good company. I'm sure their emotions will seep out too, maybe not streaming down their face like mine.

Tough day ahead. I'll make it through it, but my emotions are seeping out.

As far as the Garmin, I'm frustrated because it gave me the freedom to go to new places without worry. I knew it would get me where I needed to go. I had plans to go to a few places this week and now, I probably won't go. I just need that little security that even if I got lost I could find my way back home.

Hopefully support for Garmin will be able to help my husband fix the problem on Monday.

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