Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Praise God

Update: Change of plans. IV won't start until the 23rd due to some law about a nurse having to be there for my first IV. Any nurses want to come with? ;)

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So I called my doctor's office today to get the results of my test. Since I received no answer, I left a message and dropped by after work. Well, I said a quick prayer before the assistant handed me my paperwork. I scan the paper and realize that my blood is almost perfect! There were only two markers that were flagged out of normal range. Well I know that even that may not mean that it's right so I looked closely at my numbers.

Here is what I was looking at:

White Blood Count: On March 10th it was on the low end of normal at 4.3. On Saturday, it was 7.9. This is MUCH better.

Red Blood Count: On March 10th, it was on the low end of normal at 3.99. On Saturday, it was 4.95. This is better.

Hemoglobin: On March 10th, it was out of range on the low end at 11.9. On Saturday, it was 14.7. This is much better and actually closer to the high end of normal.

Hematocrit: On March 10th, it was 34.7. This was too low. On Saturday, it was 44.5. This is actually too high.

Platelets: On March 10th, it was too low at 102. On Saturday, it was right where it needs to be at 311. That's over 200 points people! Woo!

Now the only two things that were "off" range were my Hematocrit which was too high and my Carbon Dioxide was too low at 18. Last time my Carbon Dioxide was at 21.

What does all of this mean? Well, my instructions were as follows:

1. If your blood comes back better, you will start IV Iron as soon as possible.

So since they are better, I will begin IV Iron on Friday. My boss is being so kind by allowing me to have the day off at the very last minute. I will have to take Benedryl before my first IV so I will be completely unfunctioning for 24 hours. Normally I take 1/2 of 25mg and I will be taking 50 mg. So I won't be able to do anything on Friday, but hopefully by Saturday I will be feeling much better.

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LymeFighter11 said...

Jennifer- I'm glad to hear you and my mom are emailing eachother! And she told me about that doctor, so hopefully that will save us the trip to orlando!

How have you been feeling? & how was the under the skin thing?