Thursday, June 17, 2010


So You Think You Can Dance is back .. and it's better than ever.

In order, the male dancers from favorite to least favorite prior to Wednesday Night:

Billy, Kent, Robert, Jose, Alex and Adechike.

The new list is as follows from favorite to least favorite

Alex, Robert, Kent, Adechike, Jose, Billy

The female list prior to Wednesday's show:
Lauren, Christina, Alexie, Ashley, Melinda

The female list after Wednesday's show:
Christina, Lauren, Ashley, Alexie, Melinda

Overall list from favorite to least favorite


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Alex & Allison with Sonya's Contemporary Routine. It takes a lot to knock the breath out of me. It takes perfect movement accompanied by the right choreography, the right costumes, the right lighting, the right music, Alex Wong and Allison. This routine gave me goose bumps on top of goose bumps on top of more goose bumps. Alex's movement reminded me a bit of Hok and Allison was just a breathe of dancing genius. I honestly don't think that Alex could have performed this as well without Allison as his partner and vice versa. I mean they left Nigel almost speechless. If Mary Murphy were judging, she would be screaming right about now. One of the best routines I've seen ever.

Robert & Courtney with Sean Cheesman African Dance Routine. First, I just LOVE Courtney. She is one of my favorites from all the seasons so I had high expectations for this routine. Second, I knew hardly anything about Robert except that he & Billy performed together. So the fact he's "unknown" actually makes me like him before I even see him because there is always one unknown that does really well. So what can I say, I really loved this. Robert perfomed. He got into character and performed (and disappeared and he didn't kill Courtney).

Christina & Mark with Sonya's Jazz routine. I love Sonya and I love Mark so what's not to love about this Jazz routine. I love that Christina's movements were so fluid and yet so jagged when it was called for. I almost felt like I was watching Courtney instead of Christina which gives me great hope that I will love Christina this season.

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Lauren & Ade with Mandy Moore's Pop Jazz Routine. I think the biggest thing in this routine was that Lauren was constantly aware of her audience. In this particular routine, she needed to be more focusing on Ade. It's a hard act to balance. However, I did enjoy it very much. If her face had been focused more on Ade instead of the audience, this would have moved up on my like list. She'll improve that as the season goes on I'm sure.

Kent & Anya with Tony & Melony's routine. I think Kent did a really good job with this ballroom routine with Anya. I had to chuckle at his own comment about his mouth because about half way through the routine I thought, "What is he doing with his mouth?" His face would be really focused and then out would come a Kent smile and then his mouth thing. If you guys have it on DVR, watch it again and just watch his mouth. Haa haa. He really held his own though. I enjoyed it more than Adechike's performance. And like Nigel said ... Kent really enjoyed that performance.

Ashley & Neil with Tyce's Contemporary. I loved it. I mean there was nothing that popped out to me like Alex & Christina's performances, but I see that Ashley could do well in this if the audience gets to know her. I feel like I've barely seen her until tonight.

Adechike & Kathryn with Travis Wall's Jazz Routine. While the judges weren't thrilled with Adechike's getting into character, I really enjoyed the dance. I think it has something to do with loving Kathryn, but I thought Adechike did an admiral job with Travis' choreography.

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Jose & Comfort with NappyTabs Hip Hop. Now the thing is, I typically love NappyTabs and love Jose, but with her original season I was discomforted with Comfort so I found myself watching her to see if she'd hit it instead of watching Jose. So this was one of my least favorite routines. It would have been interesting to see whether Billy would have done better with Hip Hop and how Jose would have done with the Broadway routine. So it's kind of difficult for me to say I didn't enjoy it because I really do enjoy both Jose & Billy.

Alexie & Twitch with Nappy Tabs Hip Hop. I think part of the reason I'm dissing the Hip Hop on Wednesday night's show is that there have been so many excellent routines that it's difficult to accept just an "okay" performance as spectacular one. Twitch outshined Alexie in this. There isn't much more I can say on it. She tried, but I just wasn't a fan of it. I think it wasn't hard hitting enough and was a little too smooth.

Billy & Lauren with Tyce's Broadway routine. Well to me it just seemed like Billy was going from move to move concentrating on each movement as opposed to performing. I'm not sure if it was Tyce's choreography or if it was Billy's performance, but I found myself "counting" to 16 in rapid succession as opposed to watching them dance. I kept looking at Lauren instead of Billy.

Melinda & Pasha with Tony & Melony's Jive Routine. I expected more with the Jive out of Melinda. Just like the judges (IE Mia Michaels) said, her legs seemed to have a bit of difficulty really digging into the Jive. I kept watching Pasha the first time around and the second time around (prior to hearing judges comments) I noticed how her legs didn't move quite right.

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