Sunday, June 13, 2010

LDN Update

Part of the reason I keep this blog is so that when I return for follow ups, I can remember what happened. Since my appointment with my LLMD, I have had 5 doses of .5mg of LDN.

I took my first .5mg on Saturday night June 5th. Sunday morning, I woke up feeling extremely feverish. I knew that more than likely I did not have a fever, but took my temp. I had a small sore throat that lasted 2 hours and a picc line bump. Pretty much by noon, I was feeling somewhat normal. Monday morning I woke with another picc line bump and had shoulder pain majority of the day.

I took my second .5mg on Monday night June 7th. I had one nightmare Monday into Tuesday morning which possibly caused me to wake up fatigued. I had a small headache Tuesday evening for about three hours and my mouth was numb for most of the day. Wednesday I had Jaw Pain and a headache the majority of the day, but it wasn't so disabling that I couldn't function.

I took the third .5mg on Wednesday night June 9th and nothing major happened Thursday at all. I knew I would be ready for the next step. Friday I had cheek bone pain the majority of the day, but nothing else to note. So I took the 4th dose on Friday night June 10th. I slept for almost 14 hours Friday night into Saturday. I woke up unfatigued and felt pretty good the majority of the day though I did wake feeling feverish. However, it was under 98 degrees. I took my 5th dose on Saturday night June 11th. This dose caused me to have three nightmares and I didn't sleep well, but I do feel rested upon waking. I did feel feverish again so I took the temp and discovered it was 98.6 (which for me is about one degree higher than normal) and a stuffy nose. Currently I have no pain, but that could change through out the day. Tonight I will have a night off of the LDN. The plan for now is

LDN on Monday and Tuesday. No LDN on Wednesday. LDN on Thursday and Friday. No LDN on Saturday. As long as things go well with this new regiment, I will begin the next step a week from today. I'm taking this really slowly.

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