Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She's 3 for 3

In the history of my life, I have NEVER had someone get me on the first stick twice in a row for IV. That is ... until now.

She is 2 for 2 on IV's and prior to the 2 IV's she got my last blood work with one stick as well.

She's 3 for 3 and I tell you what .. she is awesome. She is patient and she listens and she is patient and she waits for the vein to come to her. I will say that last time it pinched just a bit and this time it hurt. I will have a bruise this time, but I got the infusion on only one stick so I'm thrilled. I think I need to bring her a special treat on Wednesday when I go in for my 3rd treatment. Anyone have any ideas?

As I was walking by my doctor today, I told him she deserves an award. I'm telling you. In all of my life, I have never had someone as competent (aka patient) in IV placement.

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LymeFighter11 said...

Jennifer, that's great!!! It's painful when they stick you, mess up, stick you again, and again, and again!!

I will actually be going in next week for my first treatment through the IV!! I will be taking vitamins and things, i'm not exactly sure.

I was there yesterday and my mom told me that we just missed you!! Who knows..maybe we'll end up taking the IV together sometime!!

I'm going on wednesday. I'm not sure when you're going but let me know!

I'm glad to hear that the girl does a good job with the needle, because I'm not the biggest fan of having a needle inserted inside me haha :)!

I don't know what you should get her....i'll think about it and let you know!