Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 9 year old boy

I can't believe that this little devil is 9 years old.

He's got several nicknames, but Bark E Bark & the Funky Butt is my favorite and that is is favorite pose.

Speaking of "Bark E Bark" better get going because he is barking to go outside (yes in this hot weather ~ he's crazy I tell ya).

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Amy said...

Beautiful shot! I love the sly look he's giving the camera. Almost like he's saying, why are you taking a picture when you should be playing with me?! ;)

Sailor and Co said...

HA HA HA What a sly dog.

LymeFighter11 said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable! :) he has the perfect look on his face for the camera!. He's cute.

Are you feeling better?