Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I desperately need your prayers. I have had a headache for the last 48 hours. It really hasn't let up much at all. The worst part is that I have this cough. Every time I cough, my head pounds. So if you guys could please pray that this headache would stop, that would be absolutely fabulous. While you're at it, pray for the cough too.

I'm not sure if the LDN is giving me a herx or if it's just a cold. To top it off, I worked almost a 10 hour day. Now until recently I hadn't even worked a full 8 hour day in a couple of years. So this was a killer on top of the already pain in the head headache. AND the traffic was horrendous on teh way home. So instead of taking 45 minutes to get home, it took 85 minutes.

Just pray for me. Thanks guys. You're awesome.


Renee said...

Lifting you up in prayer Jennifer!

Renee K said...

is the headache a side effect of the LDN? I seem to remember some mentioning HA as a side effect that goes away over time.

Hoping yours disappears quickly

Renee K

Jennifer said...

Thanks Renee,

And Renee K. The weird thing IS that I didn't have the headache on 4.5mg. I just had the bizarre dreams (that I recall) and was so tired from not sleeping.