Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sleepless in Raleigh Part 2

It's not because of LDN tonight. I have no idea what's wrong with me.

Actually, I do have a little inkling it's because I had all the excess sleep today, but I'll be running on fumes.

Tried to sleep for an hour, got up and piddled around for 30 minutes. Then went back to bed thinking I was ready so tried for another hour and absolutely got no where. So I watched the television super low thinking I'd fall tired quickly (it usually happens that way) and nothing. I tried again for another hour and finally at 3am, I got up. I'm supposed to "wake" at 5am and there is almost no point of trying again.

Back to bed to try to get at least an hour of sleep, but I am WIDE AWAKE.

Has anyone else had this kind of effect after IV Iron? Usually even if I nap (granted this was a 6 hour nap) during the day, I sleep at night.

Edited to add:

I got about 15 minutes total when I went back to bed. I'll be a walking talking zombie today at work.

I got to thinking while I was laying there trying to go to sleep. When I watch SYTYCD for my review, I think I'll watch it three ways. The first without hearing the music to see what I think just based on the moves at all. And then the second with the music. Then a final time to hear what the judges thought at the last viewing. I kind of did the first way last night (when I was trying to watch without waking my hubby up). I wonder if my opinion will change any. I kind of think that without meaning to that 1/4 of my opinion is based on lighting and music. 1/4 of my opinion is based on what the judges say and that only 1/2 of my opinion is based on the actual dancing. Maybe with this new found knowledge (aka there was nothing else to think about at 2:30am) I've compose a "score sheet" to see who should be at the top of the list and who should be at the bottom instead of just arbitarily choosing. Should be fun for a week or so anyways.

Up to 9 points will be given in each category of Lighting, Music and Camera work.
Up to 9 points will be given per each judge's opinion.
up to 18 points will be given in each category of Interaction with partner, Enthusiasm during performance and overall skill.

This should total a max score of 108.

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