Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emergency Follow Up

So my headache got a tad bit better this morning. In fact, it was gone. I thought for a brief time that my prayer warriors really were busy last night. Well less than four hours later, it was back with a vengeance. So I rushed to the LLMD's office this afternoon to ask what I should do.

First instructions: Don't take the LDN tonight and I'd hear from them tomorrow.

Second instructions: Make new follow up for next possible available day. That would be Saturday morning.

Third instructions: Scratch first instructions. Don't take LDN until I talk to Doctor on Saturday unless I hear from them.

I have a few theories:
A: Lyme is coming back
B: The LDN is causing the headache as a side effect
C: The weather pressure is causing the headache (we've pretty much had rain/thunder every day the last two or three weeks)
D: Sinus infection without the mucus (but I always have mucus with my sinus infections).
E: Something else I haven't thought of.

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