Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dance Review

Two of my favorite dancers were in the bottom three. My top four dancers were Robert, Ashley, Christina and Lauren. So when Robert & Christina were in the bottom three it really made me a bit upset. I was a tad concerned that they would send Robert home because the boys outnumber the girls. I was hoping once I found the bottom three that Melinda would go home, but maybe she'll surprise me next week. It's been known to happen.

I paid particular attention this time to the lighting, camera movement and music. I also watched each dance with the mute button on. If you have never tried this with the show, I must admit it was an interesting way to watch. It really was a new way to see each dancer's movement. An example of this was when I watched Jose & Kathryn's Bollywood number. Without the music, I knew right away how poorly it was performed. However when music was added, it made me love Jose's dance more because of his glowing personality. It showed through even without the music, but with the music his personality exploded out of the television for me.

I don't really have the time to put my thoughts out there this week, but I wanted to share top two dances and bottom two as well.

Robert & Anya took top spot in my mind. I just loved everything about this dance. I honestly don't get why Robert was in the bottom three, but he was and fortunately for me the judges kept him. I think the reason why I like him is because he wasn't pimped up by the judges prior to the competition starting. The other favorite this week was Ashley & Mark. I just loved this dance. Again, I think it's because Ashley wasn't featured as much before the competition began.

Now my two least favorite dances were actually a bit of a shock to me. Last week I loved Alex & Allison. Alex this week failed to give me the same wow factor and I partly wonder if it's because I was so blown away by his performance that I was let down this week. My other least favorite dance was performed by Billy & Comfort. I'm beginning to think that Billy has really bad luck. Two way out of his style dances in a row first two weeks out of the gate.

Oh last year we had Mary & her quirky statements, I think this year I'm paying attention to Mia's one word question: Yeah? Yes? No?. Once I heard it twice during one review I heard it several times throughout the show on Wednesday. So I think I'll pay attention to it next time. Yeah?

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